Midwest: What a Year!

I can't believe how much has changed over the past year. Almost exactly one year ago, our house looked like this: About a month later the interior was nothing but concrete and framing and the second floor was up! It was really exciting for a few minutes.... And then, nothing. At least that's what it … Continue reading Midwest: What a Year!


East Coast: Blogiversary!

Can you believe that Dee & I started blogging a YEAR ago?! Well, technically on Feb 14th, but close enough! 😊 Since it's been a year of blogging, I wanted to look back and see what I even talked about for that long, ha! I indirectly gave a tour of our current house, if you … Continue reading East Coast: Blogiversary!

Plumbing Woes

If you've been following along with our project, even a little bit, I'm sure you have seen more than one reference to the plumbing issues during construction. I thought I would wrap up the discussion of the construction with the whole ridiculous story. Everything started out fine with the rough plumbing being installed in a … Continue reading Plumbing Woes

DIY Valentine Ideas (From Star Wars to Elephants)…

Can you believe Valentines Day is just over a week away?! Me either... πŸ˜„ Since we're getting close, I thought it would be a good time to share some easy, cute, DIY valentine ideas! Star Wars ValentinesThis is probably my favorite DIY valentine to-date. They were easy to make, and what kid doesn't love glow … Continue reading DIY Valentine Ideas (From Star Wars to Elephants)…