Who Needs Walls?

In the space of 48 hours, we went from frantically moving out to having a shell of a house. I am impressed how quickly the demo contractor was able to remove everything. The only thing left is one lonely linen closet. Funny how much smaller it feels without walls, ceilings, or furniture! I am also glad that we made the last minute decision to remove the wall between the living room and former master bedroom. We are also removing the window on the back wall (from the former half bath), which will potentially be the perfect spot for some future built-ins.

Living room and former master bedroom, along the back wall was the half bath and master closet

Hallway before and after (top right is same perspective as before photo, bottom right is opposite view)
Main bathroom
Bedrooms 1 and 2. Side pictured will remain a bedroom, other side will be incorporated into the kitchen
Utility room (future mudroom)
One sad and lonely linen closet

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