Goodbye Roof!

It’s been a lot of hurry up and wait since the demolition was completed. Mostly due to the lovely midwest weather, one week it’s snowing, the next we are getting crazy amounts of rain. But the roof is off and framing has begun for the second floor!

Top: No roof! Bottom: Framing for the second floor has begun!
Top: Interior supports for second floor construction, Bottom: Framing for the second floor has begun! (excuse the terrible glare, pictures were taken from outside for safety reasons)

As exciting as it is to see dramatic changes happening, its also pretty scary having everything open to the elements. However, it is still funny to see that one sad and lonely linen closet so out of place. My daughter even commented on how funny it looks today.

Hopefully soon we will have more walls and something that resembles a roof.

Anyone else doing any major (or minor) nerve-wracking renovations?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Roof!

  1. This is quite a large undertaking, but I’m sure it will be fun, even with all the ups and downs of the project.
    I am looking forward to seeing the progress as it unfolds.
    Good Luck on your big adventure.


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