An Egg-citing craft!

See what I did there?  Moving on…  Now that spring is supposedly on the way, I figured it was time to freshen up the den (my favorite room to decorate)!

I decided to try my hand at an egg garland using plastic eggs, and I used the exact same method as my heart garland (except, insert “plastic eggs” for “felt hearts” throughout, haha).  This project started out really easy.  Figure out my pattern, thread the eggs…  I even had some help with this step!

But it started to go awry when I tried hanging the garland.  As you might expect, plastic eggs are lot heavier than felt hearts, so the pins I used to tack the heart garland up were not cutting it.  Of course, this didn’t occur to me until I got to the hanging step (no big – I got this, right?).  After tying off the end of my thread to hold the last egg in place (because all eggs from the first section I wanted to hang kept sliding further down the spool of thread that was still attached, creating a huge gap between this section and the rest of the eggs – definitely not frustrating…), I tried to rest it on a small finishing nail I tapped into place.  I used the hammer to give the nail a slight bend, to create a tiny hook.  The apparently 8-lb heavy section kept slipping off the “hook” (also not incredibly frustrating…), so I made a loop to tie the thread to the end of the nail (which was more complicated than you would think  – getting the last eggs through was like untangling a slinky).  I knew this method was NOT going to work for hanging the rest of the garland, so I bent the remaining nails BEFORE hammering them in, to create more substantial hooks.  It worked!  Unfortunately, when putting the last nail into place, I somehow hit the thread with the hammer.  Cue: over 100 plastic eggs simultaneously falling to the floor.  The sound of dozens of plastic eggs bouncing on the floor is still ringing in my ears. *shudder* It sounded like defeat.  It felt like defeat.  How was I being defeated by plastic eggs?!?!  This was supposed to be easy! I may have responded to the eggs with some colorful obscenities…

Note the lovely scuff marks I have to touch-up after trying to bend the first nail in-place – whoops!

But there was a single strand of eggs still hanging intact (because of the knot I tied around the first nail) – clearly, the eggs were mocking me.  I couldn’t let the eggs win.  After taking a break to eat a well deserved treat, I tried again.  This time, I made sure ALL of the nails were securely in place before trying to hang the garland.  I tied the newly threaded garland to the strand that was still intact, and redid that nail, as well (I had to connect the 2 strands for the garland to hang – I was not about to tie the end of the new garland to the original nail).

The gold and teal eggs are from Target (I also checked Michael’s, Party City and Walmart – no dice on these colors).  The white bunny statue and bunny garland are from the Target Dollar Spot; the marbled eggs are also Target, but I can’t find them online (these are similar though).

When I was planning the colors, I thought the teal eggs were SO pretty, and I loved the occasional gold ones thrown into the mix.  They tied in nicely to the bunny pillow and gold ears in the bunny on the mantel.  But as soon as I had the garland hung, I realized it looked a lot more like St. Patty’s day than Easter (more mockery!).  I decided this was a happy accident though, since it’s only the beginning of March – so I basically got 2 holidays with 1 stone egg 😉  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself for taking 3 hours to do what should have been an hour project…  But that’s okay, now our whole den is ready for spring, and I am loving the pretty pops of color everywhere!

The “Happy Easter” pillow, teal pillow, and all blankets are from HomeGoods – same with the side tables (but here is a similar table).
The “hello” pillow was another Target Dollar Spot find, and the lamp is also Target.

Anyone else started on spring decorating yet?  I think Mother Nature may have missed the memo (we had snow and a massive wind storm on Friday)!  Or do you wait until after St. Patty’s day to decorate (or maybe just let your landscaping do the “decorating” for you – I totally have done this, by the way!)?

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