Midwest Flooring Mood Board

Since it has been either snowing, or raining (or both!) for the past week or so, basically no progress has occurred beyond removing the old furnace and water heater, some insulation, and framing out a closet on the first floor. I thought it would be a good time to not focus on the fact that my house is an empty shell with no roof and look forward to when it might have walls and floors and all kinds of other amenities (a kitchen! Bathrooms! Bedrooms! Running water!). So I put together the mood board below for flooring that I’m currently considering.

1. First floor and second floor hallway

2. Master bathroom

3. Mud room

4. Shower floor? (also considering white instead of gray)

5. Upstairs bathroom

6. A second shower floor option?

7. Downstairs bathroom

Any favorites? I’m still not 100% sure on any of these, particularly for the shower floor.

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