Welcome to Seussville!

My oldest baby (my spring baby) is approaching his 7th birthday (what is happening to time?!).  In honor of his upcoming birthday, I thought I would do a countdown over the next several weeks.  Every week or two, I’ll post a recap of what we did to celebrate one of his previous birthdays.  I learned when my husband and I were planning our wedding that I LOVE party planning, so I’ve had some fun over the years (with all 3 kids) playing around with different themes.  For this little guy’s first birthday, I decided to go with a Dr. Seuss theme because he loves books – and a Dr. Seuss book was the first one that ever made him laugh (this book).  Almost 7 years later, reading is still one of his favorite activities, and it’s even one of his strength’s at school – so crazy how kids’ personalities emerge at such a young age!

Clearly, I wasn’t blogging 6 years ago, so I don’t have great pictures of the details (like the food).  It was also before Pinterest was huge – I had to search via Google to get ideas!  There were 2 parties that I drew a lot of inspiration from – their pictures are gorgeous; you should check them out (here and here) for more idea’s if you’re planning a Dr. Seuss birthday party.  However, one of my favorite decorations (which made a HUGE impact in-person), was the balloon garland I our parents made using this tutorial (while I was frantically finishing other party details).  If there’s one thing I’m consistent at when it comes to parties, it’s somehow rushing at the last minute to finish everything up (no matter how many days in advance I start)!  Another favorite, was having everyone at the party sign a birthday book.  Without further adieu, here was his party in pictures (with details in the footers)…

We may or may not have left this adorable sign up on our front storm door for several months…  I can’t can(?) wait to display it at his High School graduation party one day…  I downloaded a free font called Grinched to make all of the signs for the party –  I left white space when cutting around the words I printed for this sign (some words took multiple sheets of paper to print), making it easy to do and, bonus – it gave it a great “shadowed” effect.
There were 3 strands of balloon garland, which instantly made such a festive atmosphere!  The strand closest to the camera in this picture, is the strand that connects to the curtain rod in the food picture below…  We also had a few dozen extra balloons on the floor, which made for great kiddo entertainment (they were all toddlers or younger).
I love having the monthly pictures displayed at a 1st birthday party!
The smash cake had simple vanilla frosting with fruit roll-up stripes, and the cupcakes were red velvet with blue cotton candy (of course, all tags read “Thing 1” since he was turning one).  Tip: Wait until the last minute to top cupcakes with cotton candy – if they will be sitting out for a couple hours before eating, the cotton candy will melt a bit and won’t look as pretty.  🙂  I used my Cricut (an older model) for the birthday banner, using the Birthday Bash cartridge.  The wreath was another quick and easy project – I wrapped ribbon around a foam wreath and hot glued it into place for the base.  I threaded the yellow “hanging” ribbon through the top of the base ribbon, and hot glued a loop of blue ribbon to the back (using my wooden “E” to determine placement), to allow the letter to hang centered.  Then I cut different types of ribbon into 4-5 inch pieces, and hot glued them each into place with a loop design.  Rinse and repeat making “loops” until the wreath looks full and pretty (a DIY you can’t mess up)!
The menu included: green (deviled) eggs and ham (and cheese sliders); oodles of noodles (orzo salad); truffula trees (fruit kabobs); red fish (and other colored goldfish crackers); and yertle’s carmel turtles (prezel’s, with a melted rolo in the center and a pecan on top) – I think I got one of these before they disappeared (so easy to make and so good)!  Beverages were: beezelnut splash (sprite with jello ice cubes – delicious!) and pink ink yink drink (pink lemonade).  We also had red and blue jelly bellies at the food and cake tables – yum!
The favors were Dr. Seuss board books, and buckets of cotton candy (this is what happens when you don’t read Amazon descriptions closely – what I thought was going to be a single bucket turned out to be a single “pack of 20” buckets.  Oops…)
A last minute addition was cutting the silhouette of a whimsical looking sleigh out of cardboard (just sketch it in pencil until you land on something you like).  This was supposed to be the Grinch’s sleigh.  🙂
This book will be another fun memory for the High School graduation party.
The “Thing Dad,” “Thing Mom” and personalized onesie (the back has his name and a number “1”) all came from Etsy shops that no longer exist.  But here is a link to another listing with the t-shirts, and here is a similar onesie.  This onesie is cute, too!  Isn’t Etsy the best?!


Oh, baby boy!!!  I cannot believe how much he has grown since this picture was taken!

I loved that party, and all the babies had fun playing with each other!  But is it just me, or is the cake the best part of a first birthday party?!  So much fun to see how each kid reacts to frosting for the first time.  🙂

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