Second Story Progress

It’s been an exciting week around here! Last week we got exterior walls on our second floor and this week the interior walls were framed in, and we have STAIRS! For the majority of the past year, I wasn’t entirely sure if this project would ever actually happen so seeing the actual rooms framed in really brings home the reality that this is finally happening. And to add to the excitement, we are in the process of picking siding and roofing colors because…. If all goes well, we should have a roof within the next week! We are soclose to getting to the fun stuff (and also moving back in πŸ˜„). Until then, here are some photos of the current progress and the exterior color options we are considering (if you follow us on Instagram, you’ve already seen a sneak peek in our stories-thanks for the feedback!).

We have stairs!
Bedroom and bathroom walls are in!

Siding option 1: granite gray
Siding option 2: charcoal gray
Roofing color options. We are considering black or granite.

I know that our choices for siding and roofing are pretty boring but since these are things you only replace once every 15 years or so, I wanted to go with something that I won’t completely hate in 5 years. Any favorites?

3 thoughts on “Second Story Progress

  1. I’m a believer in going as light as you can handle on the roof color. It may look weirder than you wished, but it saves on energy costs. And from someone whose builder cheated and the upstairs A/C can never keep up in August, going 2 shades lighter in the roof has helped (well that, and a proper solar fan and ridge vent, not to mention removing the 2 layers if shingles previously up there!). Congrats!


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