Dining Room Progress…

Our dining room has come a long way since we moved in, but it still has further to go. It has a huge wall of windows though, so “finished” or not, I still love spending time in here. Those of you that follow on Instagram got to see that I’ve already decorated for Easter Brunch… 😀

Somebody spotted the cookies! Haha!

But let me rewind for a minute.  When we moved in, the dining room had a doorway to the kitchen, doorway to our foyer, and a doorway to the living room. It also had some unique “wall treatments”. Otherwise known as unfinished, patch jobs. If only walls (and ceilings!) could talk…

Upper photos: doorway into kitchen / Lower left: doorway into foyer / Lower right: doorway into living room.

First we changed out the light fixture (found on clearance at Wayfair – it must have been a return since it’s not on clearance anymore?).  Funny story – I originally bought it for our laundry room (future mudroom), but I didn’t read the dimensions.  I figured it was about 10-12 inches in diameter based on the online picture.  When a HUGE box came, I thought “Wow, they must’ve included a lot of shipping protection!”.  Then I opened it… Whoops!  It was almost as big as my then-1.5 year old (24 inches in diameter).  Thankfully, I wasn’t a fan of the previous light fixture (which was missing a lot of beads and looked more dated and worn out than other charming, glass chandeliers I’ve seen). So no harm by my silly mistake (except proof that I still haven’t learned to fully read the description before making online purchases)!  The curtains are pretty, but the chandelier adds much-needed texture to the room!

Baby H, testing the new light for quality control…


Here’s what the room looked like after unpacking, and after removing some of the drywall to get an idea of where we should remove walls…

Upper left: foyer and living room doorways / Lower left: foyer doorway (again) and kitchen / Right: living room doorway (again).

As soon as we could afford it, we opened up the foyer and dining room walls. What a difference!!

That ceiling is like buttah!
Top: before and after looking into the dining room / Bottom: before and after looking into the living room.

My husband refused to fix the “patch jobs” until after the walls were torn down.  Something about not wanting to “fix and paint the walls, just to tear them down”.  Haha.  Can’t say I blame him.  So our next step was fixing the walls and painting (Valspar Snow White for the bottom and Ben Moore Stonington Gray for the top of the walls).  We painted the ceiling Ben Moore Genesis White (which is more of a soft gray) to add contrast and help the crown molding pop.


I got the rug from rugsusa.com and I love it (they’re my favorite rug source)!  I think the rug pulls the blue color from the curtains (HomeGoods find), and since it’s two-toned (almost neutral), it layers in nicely with the multi-colored curtains. Patterned curtains are one of my favorite ways to add personality to a room (and they’re way easier to change than paint).  If I can’t find any curtains really calling my name, I’ll just buy some fabric to make my own (it’s usually cheaper and is a low risk DIY 😉 ).

Like our kiddie table in the corner?  The boys like to sit there when they’re eating snacks 🙂

We are lucky enough to have some china and stoneware from our grandparents (some is from my husband’s family, and some is from mine).  Plus, we have our wedding china thrown into the mix.  I love looking at the contrast of the new and older dishes together – so pretty!!


Things still left on the to-do list for this room are: replacing the exterior windows, since the current windows aren’t in great shape.  And when we can afford to remodel the kitchen, we’ll remove the wall between the two rooms (I’ll share more kitchen plans in a future post).  Around this time, I think we’ll update the wainscoting (which carries through the foyer, up the stairs, and throughout the upstairs hallway) to a board and batten style?  This is also why that wall is still empty – I don’t want to decorate it since it’s days are numbered.  I cannot wait until the kitchen is entirely open to the dining room!  But until then, I’ll focus on the view outside and into the living room.  Here’s a few more obligatory before and after pics…

Yes, our kitchen is classy and has a folding table and chairs… 😉
One day those stairs will be finished…
Who needs a decorated wall when you have a pretty chandelier?!
The full wall of Mickey – more than the sneak peek I shared before!

How do you feel about patterned curtains – do you love using them, or do you prefer solid colors?

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