A Harry Potter Birthday

I can’t believe that my oldest is turning 10 (it’s actually scary how fast an entire decade went by!?). It’s very cliche to say, but it really does seem like it was literally yesterday when we were bringing her home from the hospital. We don’t usually do big themed parties for birthdays, mostly because 4 of the 5 people in our family have birthdays within a week of each other. But since 10 seems like kind of a big deal, we told our daughter she could invite a few friends and have a party. She wanted to go bowling and since she has recently discovered Harry Potter, I thought it would be fun to include it as a theme. Most of the crafts for this were ridiculously easy (exactly my skill level!) and were inspired by or came directly from a simple pinterest search.

I found the chocolate frog mold on Amazon, and it was probably the easiest thing I did.

For gift bags, I found a griffindor printable crest and just sized it appropriately and glued to bags I found at Joann’s. These super cute broomstick pens and Harry Potter themed bracelets were included as favors.

The golden snitches are all over pinterest and were really simple to construct. I got some gold paper from Joann’s (two sided so I wouldn’t have to worry about which way I traced the wing – lesson learned from a student council election poster gone wrong) and drew a “wing”. I traced it (translated, I traced 2,then turned the task over to my daughter :), cut them all out, and attached them to the candy. I found to get them to stick well, it helped to glue the ends together, put a tiny bit of glue on the back and then secure it in place with some tape. Not perfect but I think they turned out pretty cute.

She had a great time and who doesn’t want to do some cosmic bowling on a Saturday afternoon?

Anyone else introducing their kids to something they enjoyed when they were younger?

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