Dreaming of our old Front Door…

Confession: I miss our front door and front entryway of our first house.  My husband turned what was a standard, ugly, coat closet into beautiful, custom, built-in shelving and a bench.  About a year later, I completed the transformation by painting our front door my favorite shade of blue (even though the hubs thought I was CRAZY when I was painting sample colors on the door) – which transformed our curb appeal!  The front entryway of our current house is in limbo right now (and with a recent discovery of termites in our current house – gahh!!!), I’m feeling a little nostalgic about our first home-love 🙂  Don’t get me wrong – I love our current house, but we did so many upgrades to our first house that it’s hard not to miss having finished projects.  Especially when you’re looking at a hole in your wall because of termites…

We will be kicking the termites out soon, and the silver lining is that it’s right where we were planning to create built-ins around our living room fireplace – so that project will be moving up on the priority list (YAY!). More about that in a future update…  For now, I’m going to forget about that mess and look back on our first home’s entryway.  And let me just start with the “after” so you can see why I miss it…


I wish I had better before pictures, but once we decided to do this project, my husband tore down the metal, bi-fold doors before I had a chance to get a picture!  He had also already torn out the wire shelf, but you can see the patch marks on the wall…


In any event, he built the bottom shelf off of the ground a bit so that the baseboard molding would fit in front of it seamlessly.  I think this was key to giving it a “built-in” look.  Those shoe storage bins were huge, and fit perfectly in the space – we got lucky on those because we found them after construction of the bench was finished (we drove to 3 different HomeGood locations to get all of the bins – haha).  The mirror and candle holders were either HomeGoods or TJMaxx (it was back in 2012, so I can’t remember for sure).  We got all of the hooks at a Hobby Lobby.


The baskets on the top shelves were all from Michaels, and we got the decorative corbels from Lowes(Quick tip: add felt stickers to the bottom of baskets to protect your shelves, and to help baskets to slide in/out with ease).  I loved the character that those corbels added, but my favorite part was the beadboard my hubs installed and trimmed out for the ceiling.  It was such a pretty detail – many people would comment on it the first time they visited our house!  Also, I just want to re-iterate that it was 2012 when we did this project and decided to install the beadboard on the back wall horizontally (we were ahead of the curve on the “shiplap” look/craze)!  Haha.  😉

Painting the front door was a lot easier than I expected.  I followed this tutorial from Young House Love, but it was basically: choose a color, sand, prime and paint!  I spoke with the paint department folks at Lowe’s for their recommendation on paint and primer type, based on the type of front door we had (which was a metal door).  Unlike when I asked about recommendations for painting tile floor, this conversation didn’t include a response of “you can’t do that…”.  LOL!!!  The color I landed on for the front door was Rushing Stream by Valspar, painted in the two bottom panels on the right in the pictures below (it looked the best during all times of day).  And yes, it looks very similar to YHL’s current front door, but that color read more periwinkle on our door (middle “plus sign” and second panel from top on the right in the pictures below).  Proof that you can’t pick paint colors based on how it looks on someone else’s house!


And to save you from scrolling, here’s one more before and after (well, two after pictures because it’s so dreamy – and because I miss our mini-Yorkie pictured in the second pic)!



In the end, this entryway makeover proved not only to be pretty, but it was shockingly more functional than the old, wire shelf inside of the closet (with those clunky, bi-fold doors).  And the blue front door made me smile every time I would pull into the driveway – up until the day we moved!  🙂 Has anyone else been to multiple HomeGood locations in the same day looking for one item?  Tell me I’m not the only one (I’ve also done this for the curtains I used in our dining room – so they would match the curtains in our living room)!  Haha.

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