Midwest Renovation progress

Well after another week of mostly good weather (seriously, will winter ever end? I’m starting to feel like it may not). In the past couple of weeks, the upstairs windows and a roof were installed. Well a plywood roof anyways. With any luck, shingles will go on this weekend. Eventually, the entire front elevation will be updated, removing the brick and resizing the front windows to make more sense. The contractor suggested it, and I jumped at the chance to give the house a little more curb appeal (and have someone else get rid of that planter I’ve been wanting to get rid of since we moved in 8 years ago!). We also want to replace all the remaining first floor windows to match, though some on the sides (associated with former bathrooms) will be removed to make more sense on the interior.

We also took a walk through the house to look at the progress. The kitchen area is framed out and we discussed relocating the downstairs bathroom to the former utility closet area, and will likely put a shower under the stair area, though the final plan/layout hasn’t been determined. The small window you see on the right is going to be removed, it was formerly in the utility room, is a weird height and was never used. We are adding an exterior door (you can see the framing in the corner) which will have windows so we think we will still have adequate natural light in that area of the house (it will be a mudroom).

Top: view of kitchen area from front entry. Bottom left: entrance into future bath. Bottom right: view of future shower area.

Upstairs, the rooms have all been framed and you can really start to imagine what it will be like when it’s done. 😁

Top: laundry room (upstairs!). Bottom left: stairs going to landing. Bottom right: stairs going to second floor.
Views of upstairs bedrooms
Top: view of master closet and bath. Bottom left: view into master bedroom. Bottom right: view into master bath.

Anyone else have any big projects this eternal winter is delaying?

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