Zoo Birthday Party

This week I’m taking a look back to my oldest’s third birthday party. I was pregnant with our second, so I wanted to do something fun, that was also little work on my part. A zoo party was the perfect solution!

I can’t find a full picture of the invitation that I made, but it basically looked like a ticket for admission to the zoo (with the party details), and I put each one inside of a box of animal crackers. They were pretty cute!


I made another birthday shirt, and used the same process as his second birthday party. The fabric is from JoAnn’s, and I free-handed the balloon and the elephant based on the fabric. You can see the progression in the pictures below; I used fabric glue before sewing anything (note that I sewed a line for the balloon string around the elephant’s nose)! ☺️

The other “big thing” I did was decorate a cake. I bought a Costco cake, and spread the icing around to create a zoo scene. I did have to add some blue icing for the pond. I used pirouettes cut at angles for the “bamboo” partitions. I used cookie sprinkles for dirt, and added blue sprinkles to the pond. I made tiny party hats for the animal figures by cutting slits into a piece of white paper (to make the “fringe”), then taping it to colored paper. Then I rolled the colored paper into a cone shape (with the fringe on top), and taped it to each animals head. I promise it looks and sounds a lot more difficult than it actually was to do!

The only other themed thing I made was cutting a hedgehog out of a watermelon to hold the fruit salad. I hollowed a watermelon out for the bowl, but left 3/4 of it intact. Then I cut some triangle “spikes” into the top piece for the head, and cut out some little feet and a triangular nose out of leftover rind, and pinned them into place. Then I pinned blueberry eyes and a nose onto it. I finished it off by adding toothpicks to the top pieces of fruit, and voila: a hedgehog!

This was another easy thing to do, but went a long way towards decorating to a zoo theme! The rest of the food was just party platters (Chick-fil-A for the win!), and I got some zoo plates and zebra napkins. The favors were zoo color/activity books from the Target dollar spot and crayons. I also wrapped each favor bag in an animal mask, and had animal sunglasses for the kiddos to pick from (we actually still have some – 4 years later!).

Lots of the kids wore their masks or sunglasses while we walked through the zoo (which was kinda the idea)! Haha.

Overall it was such an easygoing party!  Anyone else have a zoo party? How about decorating a store bought cake?  Am I the only weirdo that loves likes decorating cakes, but not really making them??  😁

5 thoughts on “Zoo Birthday Party

  1. What a sweet day that was! So happy I got to enjoy it with you. And it was such a blessing to me when I met your friend who passed her twin stroller on to me (with a Captain’s seat). That was so useful for us! You’re an incredible Mom and person!


    1. Oh, I forgot about the stroller! So are you, Patty! We’re definitely in the thick of it with hard, but so rewarding and fun times with our little ones. ☺️

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