A Moody Master Bedroom

One of the first rooms we painted when we moved in during the summer of 2016 was our master bedroom. I don’t have many before pictures, but it was possibly my least favorite color ever. It was a mauve/blush type color.  Ugh!  Fine for many people, just not my taste.  We decided to paint it more of a “moody” gray (Whale Gray by Benjamin Moore).  Here are some before, during painting, and after pictures:


And here are some after pictures of the space now:

The Star Wars watch/phone holder on the left nightstand is from Etsy; the sconces above the nightstands are PotteryBarn; the mirror, blankets, pillows and table fans are from HomeGoods; and the lantern on the window bench is from Target.

I made these curtains using this fabric (so pretty in-person!), the same way I made the den curtains.  The bamboo blinds are from Lowe’s.

We haven’t changed our bathroom or closet area at all yet, but one day we will (and it will be glorious)!  I’ll share more pictures of that space when we get closer to that project, but for now, I’ll show a picture of before we moved in versus today:

We never use that sink (there’s another one in our bathroom- which is the doorway on the right in the picture above). This picture reminds me of our powder room before redoing it (except a lot cleaner, hah!).  One day I would also like to add overhead lighting to the bedroom (and have the switch control lighting instead of an unused outlet).  That might happen around the same time as the bathroom project.

Here’s some more current pics of the bedroom:

The glass, wall vase is from Arhaus; the picture frames are from IKEA; and the mirror, chair, rug and side table are all from HomeGoods.

I love the giant pictures on the wall. We have the hospital pictures on the top row, and corresponding newborn pictures on the bottom row for each of our babies. The oldest is on the left, youngest on the far right. Note how my hair gets progressively neater and I look less tired for the second and third kids. The last hospital picture is smaller than the others because it’s just an iPhone picture, and mpix (LOVE this company for my prints!) warned against making it any larger.  Hahaha!  Definitely reflects how much faster the successive births were. ☺️

Anyone else like using an essential oil diffuser (I love mine)?!

And a few more before and afters, because I can’t get over the original paint color (note the top picture was taken before we moved in):

Yes, I always have a vase of flowers on the bed… 😉  Actually, our pup Winston is usually on the bed…

Anyone else re-painting a room in their house? Or stealing the flowers from their backyard for indoor bouquets (that’s where my daffodils and forsythia came from)?! It’s finally feeling like spring outside around here (ignoring the snow flurries we had yesterday)… 😀

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