Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

I thought since there hasn’t been a ton of progress on the house in the past week besides some HVAC and plumbing work, it would be a good time to share what I’m thinking for the kitchen. Just for a fun trip down memory lane, here is a before photo. Sorry for the terrible picture, we were moving out in a hurry, during a snowstorm so it got a little hectic. Pictures were something of an afterthought.

The new layout that our contractor came up with is similar, but we are adding an island and expanding the wall with the fridge and stove (the stove was located next to the refrigerator in the above photo) and adding some additional upper and lower cabinets in addition to pantry cabinets surrounding the fridge. The full kitchen area is shown in this post.

I put together the mood board below to illustrate what I’m thinking for finishes.

1. Our cabinets will be similar to these, though we are ordering them from the manufacturer through the contractor.

2. I am totally in love with the marble look in quartz! I know… So trendy. But I’ve wanted a white kitchen for over 10 years now so I don’t think I’ll get tired of them. You should check local stone countertop showrooms for the best price. They have so many options!

3. I purchased these pendant lights and can’t wait to see them installed over the island!

4. These pulls (or similar, final decision hasn’t been made) will hopefully tie in with the pendants

5. This faucet should tie in with our stainless steel appliances. Plus after looking at what feels like a 100 different types, brands, etc this had the best/most consistent reviews that I found. Time will tell I suppose.

6. These laminate floors (or similar) will be throughout the first floor.

7. For barstools, I’d love to have something like this.

Now I just need to figure out what to do for a back splash. I’d like to do something with a little color to break up the white, but no so overwhelming that I get sick of it in a year. Anyone else doing a major kitchen remodel? I’m finding it’s more fun to focus on the finishes than the process.

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