Mickey Mouse Birthday Parties

This week, I’m sharing my oldest’s 4th & 5th birthday parties since they were both Mickey themed! (For more birthday party ideas, check out his Dr. Seuss, dinosaur,and zoo parties).

The first thing I did for party prep was make him a themed t-shirt. I again used the same method as his 2nd and 3rd birthday shirts. You can see the zigzag stitch really well in these pictures (the buttons are hand-stitched). I just took this picture today, so this is how it looks after a year of use and washing/line drying (he only wore it while he was four) – it held up well though!

His 4th birthday party was actually a shared party for some friends that were moving, so I struggled with the invitation a bit, but was happy with the final result:

I used Microsoft Word to create this using word art (and inserting the pictures) for the ears, and downloaded this free Disney font for some of the text.

We had the party at a mutual friend’s house, so she said she would make the food if I brought the dessert. You know I had fun with the dessert! I had the cake made at a local bakery (Snickerdoodles for those in the general Baltimore area – they’re delicious; I definitely recommend you check them out!).

I made the cupcakes, and topped half with a sugar cookie (using this cookie cutter) of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (“the UP” is what cool kids call it ๐Ÿ˜), for our friends that were moving there. I topped the other half with Mickey-shaped Oreos. I just got some mini Oreos and used a single chocolate cookie for each ear (used a butter knife to scrape off the frosting). Tip: Use double-stuffed Oreos for the Mickey head – normal Oreos don’t leave enough of a gap for the “ears” to fit in the middle. Trust me on this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also cut a bit of each main cookie off, since the flat bottom helped it stay securely in the cupcake frosting.

Using the same methodology as I did for the Mickey cupcake toppers (except for cutting off the bottom third), I create some Mickey Oreo pops. I’ll admit, these were a bit tricky, but not bad once I got a method down (again double stuffed Oreos for the head are KEY). First, I dipped the top half of each head in chocolate, then let them dry on wax paper. Once dry, I held each cookie at the top and dipped the bottom half into red, chocolate melts (Michaels sells chocolate melts in every color!). While the red coating was still wet, I inserted the cookie/cake pop sticks, and set them down to dry on wax paper again. Once fully dry, I piped two white chocolate “buttons” on the red half. Done! (If you make these, don’t forget to taste test one immediately- just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Here’s a few pictures of the birthday boy blowing out the candle (he actually blew it out near the beginning of the song – both the fact he did this and his reaction were priceless! Hahaha).

For his 5th birthday, we were actually in Disney World, so we celebrated with a cake (I ordered through the restaurant in advance) during a character meal – the Ohana breakfast with Mickey and Stitch at the Polynesian Resort. I HIGHLY recommend this one if you go; they have POG (Passion fruit, Orange and Guava) juice! Need I say more?!

We went to Animal Kingdom on his actual birthday, and it was perfect because Goofy is his favorite character- and we met him and Pluto that day! Note that I didn’t make him a shirt for his 5th birthday – I picked one up Old Navy by chance (divine intervention? haha) about a month beforehand, and used it. Leading up to his 5th birthday, I didn’t end up having time to make a shirt because of an unexpected series of (very fortunate) events that happened. (We bought a house, got our current house ready to sell, found out I was pregnant with our 3rd child, flew to Florida for our Disney trip, and sold our current house. In that order, in one week! Let’s just say – sleep was not a priority that week; at one point the hubs had to get some rest after he discovered he was “phantom painting” – literally painting the air in front of a cabinet door. hahaha!).

Wow, it’s so crazy to look back on how much he grew from year 4 to 5 (but then again, every year is shocking to me)! Anyone else celebrate a birthday in Disney? Or try their hand at making Oreo pops? So good, right?! โ˜บ๏ธ

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