An Elephant & Piggie (Mo Willems) Party!

For my oldest’s 6th birthday, we decided at the last minute to throw him a party. He loves elephants and we all love Mo Willems books in this house, so I went with an “Elephant and Piggie” theme. Of course, the Pigeon would have to make an appearance, too 😉

But a last minute party meant everything had to be easy. I used Microsoft Word to make the invitation (I google image searched for the pictures):


Since his birthday is in April, we decided to have an egg hunt for the main party activity. I figured that pigeons lay eggs, so it fit the party theme (and the kids were on the ball due to Easter egg hunts)! I used sticker labels to adhere to the bags, they read “Quick! Go find my eggs. I’ll watch the cake.”


The kids were DYING to start the egg hunt, but there were a couple of toddlers, so I made the 6 year olds give the tiny ones a 2 minute head start. This was an excellent eggcellent (too much?) idea; I would definitely do it this way again. The egg hunt was a blast!! I might do this again for future parties.

The “Let’s party!” sign was visible from the front porch. I printed another copy and taped it to the same spot on the other side of the window – it was visible in the den.

For the food, we just had chili, hot dogs, and a veggie tray (not pictured- we also had juice boxes that aren’t pictured). I also made some Oreo pops using blue candy melts, except this time without a stick. I also used candy eyeballs and lemon peel (for the beak) to create pigeon cookies. As you can see, I used some Mo Willems books to help the food tie into the theme.

For dessert I made cupcakes, and again – we had a ton of the Oreo pops!

For his birthday shirt, I searched google images to find pictures I liked and arranged them in a word document. I printed the document, taped it to a window, then taped the front of a white t-shirt over it. I used fabric markers to trace the pattern on the shirt. It took some patience (maybe an hour), but it was foolproof (tracing)!!

The favors were even easier. There were lots of great coloring and activity pages that turned up during my image searches, so I made a little coloring book for each of the kids. I customized the front cover with “The Pigeon wants to color” and the back with “Thanks for coming to E’s party!”. To make an easy booklet, the cover pages were printed on the same sheet of paper (back cover on the left side, front on the right, and the paper was in the landscape orientation). I folded it in half, and then printed the interior pages the same way (two pages per sheet of paper), except I cut them on the middle seam. Then I stapled the entire booklet from the outside. Easy peasy!

This is truly a party anyone can throw together in no time (on the cheap), and all of the kids will have a blast! Anybody else love the Mo Willems books? I love that Pigeon, haha. Or does anyone else have fun hiding the eggs for an egg hunt?! 🙂

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