Midwest Renovation Update

Hello! It’s been a little while since I posted an update. Things have been slowly but surely moving forward with the renovation. In the past couple of weeks, some of the plumbing has been installed (drain lines associated with the second floor), some larger holes have been dug on the first floor floor to investigate/replace the plumbing there, and electrical lines have been run throughout the first floor. Hopefully with all that investigation into the plumbing they will figure out what the issue is, since we have had problems with the plumbing since moving in 8 years ago!

The plumbing saga on the first floor continues…

The second floor is looking a lot more put together and I’m getting pretty excited about the upstairs laundry room. I can almost see it coming together.

Future laundry room!
Electrical is going in on the second floor.
The beginnings of new bathrooms

I was hoping for a more dramatic update, but for now that’s all I have 😁

Anyone else working on a project that seems like it’s taking forever?

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