H’s Big Boy Room…

Well, so far I’ve shared how we decorated our master bedroom and the baby girl’s nursery, but haven’t shared either of the boys’ bedrooms yet. So today I thought I would share my 3-year old (H’s) room.

When we moved in (almost 2 years ago – not sure how that’s possible?!), H was just shy of his second birthday. And I was around 3 months pregnant with the baby girl… So we used the move to transition H to a “big boy” room. We started with a tan room, that was definitely in need of some TLC…

This was their first dinner in the new house – of course, we had Chick-fil-A on move-in day 🙂
The wall by the light switch and the door (and the hallway!) were in sad shape.

A little bit of joint compound, sanding, and paint went a long way! We painted the walls beach glass (the same color as the ceiling & built-ins in the den). Then, we the hubs installed blackout liners, along with decorative curtains (which were either from Target or HomeGoods).

Note the shark sheet / mattress on the floor – for about a year we just left his mattress on the ground for safety reasons (you can see it behind the door in the pic below, too).

Here it is after curtains, but before replacing the doorknob:

This is another great “before” pic of the hallway… haha.

And after changing the doorknob:

Such a difference!!! I can’t get over the impact changing door hardware makes on a room! Not as big as paint or curtains, but still huge. 😊 You’ll notice I landed on a different rug (this oneit’s really soft & plush in-person; it would be great for a playroom or nursery, too).

I kept the decor simple. We have ever-rotating books on a bookshelf by his bed, along with his collection of stuffed animals on his window ledge (which often includes new ones “borrowed” from his siblings 😁).  The walls are pretty bare around the bed because his bed is part of a bunk bed set, and I still have hopes of installing the “top bunk” one day (maybe within the next 2 years? haha!).

Right now he has his dragon wings on his window seat – those were part of his Halloween costume last year, but I’ll save that post for another day. ☺️

Also, the shark wreath is from his first birthday (recall from the hallway post that each of our kids have their first birthday wreath on their door) – I’ll cover that in another future post!

Still on the to-do list for this room is:

  • Install an overhead light (and have the light switch control it, instead of an outlet);
  • Get another twin mattress so the top bunk can be installed;
  • Install bookshelves on the wall (similar to the ones in the nursery), once the top bunk is installed;
  • Get a cuter table fan, haha!

For his sheets, I switch between a shark and Star Wars set. H also has a Batman blanket that’s usually under his comforter 😁

Does anyone else have a toddler (hmm… is 3 still considered a toddler? Meh, who am I kidding?! I still call him my baby… haha) that is constantly rotating their stuffed animals and books?  Seems like kind of a funny thing to do, but then again, he does a lot things only logical to a 3-year old…  I don’t mind though- this age is so much fun! ☺️  So maybe a better question is – what kind of crazy quirks does your 3-year old have (or did they have)?!  Haha.

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