Exterior Updates

Hello! Big changes on our renovation to share today. In addition to getting the backyard under control, we have new siding on the house and the garage! What a dramatic change. Again, I can’t believe we debated on paying extra to get the garage exterior updated as well. Worth every penny for sure. 😃

Top: Completed exterior! Bottom: View before work started and in-progress
Top: Back of the house completed Bottom: Back of the house before work started
Top: Looks like a brand new garage! Bottom: Just a beat up and sad looking garage

Now we are trying to decide the best way to finish off the front. It definitely needs something. Currently we are considering putting in a large porch, putting in just a porch cover over the front door and/or putting in some shrubs/small trees (japanese maple?) for scale in the front. It will probably end up being some combination of those things. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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