Our Old Sunroom…

The last day of school happened last Friday, so summer is in full swing out here in Maryland!  We’ve had a fair amount of summer weather lately, so (despite the fair amount of rain we’ve also had) we have been spending a lot of time outside.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I miss our old front door, but now that we’re outside all the time, I’m really getting an itch to do something to our front porch…

Another (almost outdoor) space I miss, is our old sunroom.  So, I thought now would be a good time to look back on it – maybe reflecting on another finished outdoor-ish space will help motivate me to paint our front porch soon?  Probably not, but worth a try… 🙂

The sunroom was one of my favorite rooms in our first house – after we renovated it, I spent time enjoying it during every season (for the year we lived in the house with it finished, haha)!  We started with a room that felt half-finished.  The original siding was still on the house (clearly, the sunroom was an addition), and there was shag carpet.  Gah, it was so gross!  There was also a gas fireplace, which we never really used (I can’t remember exactly why, except that I think there was an issue or it didn’t work great when we tried using it early on…).

The first thing we the hubs did was remove the fireplace (and cap the gas line), and install vinyl plank flooring.  This flooring was a great option since there was a pool in the backyard, and felt a lot more sanitary than the carpet.  I also had grand plans of adding a gas fireplace back to the main floor later, so I wasn’t too worried about removing the one we never used.  Of course, we moved before getting to that project…

The next update was removing the siding, and replacing it with shiplap.  The hubs painted some boards a teal color, and some boards a gray color.  I can’t remember the exact colors.  Other boards were left natural.  All of the boards were sealed with a polyurethane after they were installed (they were installed by using a nail gun – nothing complicated!).

The last update was the banquet storage benches and table that the hubby built to fit the space.  I don’t have very many pictures of this process, but essentially we determined the dimensions of the benches by the size of the cushions we wanted to store in them.  I knew I wanted to store all of the outdoor furniture cushions in them.  This way we could use the room year-round, without the eye sore of cushions stacked in a corner during the winter.  We didn’t have a ton of storage in our first house, so this was the best option we could think of (and it was convenient).

I loved eating and working at this table, because it was such a nice view outside and was such a cozy space!

One more set of before and afters, for fun: 😁

So what do you think of vinyl plank flooring?  And how about shiplap – too overused now?  We did these projects in 2015, so I don’t think shiplap was as crazy, popular then as it is now – but maybe I’m just not remembering correctly… haha.

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