Our “Hawaii” Room…

Hey, everyone (or should I say, “hi, mom!”)!  This week I finally got my act together and sewed some curtains for the guest room/ office.  As a reminder, our house has 5 bedrooms on the second floor, and I’ve already shared our master bedroom, the baby girl’s room, E’s room, and H’s room – so this is the last bedroom upstairs!  I literally painted this room over a year ago, so it’s kind of ridiculous I just now got around to the curtains.  Especially considering I’ve had the fabric for almost 10 years now.  Actually, this post is well-timed – the hubs and I are about to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary, and this room has a lot of our honeymoon souvenirs (from Hawaii) – which is where/when we got the fabric I used for the curtains.  So I guess this post is kind of an homage to the hubs and our 10 years together, too?  Haha.

We started with a tan room, which I painted Wedgewood Gray.  We have a desk from Costco and this awesome daybed.  Note that the desk has a drawer, where I hide sewing tools, the keyboard, and the mouse.

We have a bookshelf that was handmade by the hubby’s dad displaying some of our favorite books (cannot wait until our boys are old enough to read Goosebumps!), some office essentials (like our printer and paper), and my crafting tools (my sewing machine, Cricut, and laminator – yes, totally necessary).  I love having our office and crafting supplies on the bookshelf for easy access.  Plus, every time I walk past the room I see the sewing machine, and remember the sweater I still need to mend… lol!  I keep my fabric remnants in the pretty boxes on top of the bookshelf.  The rest of the decor are knick-knacks from my or my hubs’ childhood.

The open shelves display souvenirs and pictures from past vacations.  And apparently that wall-mounted monitor is “totally normal” to have for your computer.  Says the hubby that’s a gamer…


How I make curtains (AKA: The Laziest Way Possible to Sew Curtains):

  1. Wash/dry the fabric (skip to step 5 next if you didn’t buy fabric by the yard),
  2. Lay it out to measure it before cutting the panels (I like to add at least 4 inches to the length from curtain rod-to-floor to ensure there’s room to hem),
  3. Iron seams along the top and sides (whatever hides the non-decorative ends of the fabric – nothing magic here),
  4. Sew the top and side seams (yep – I’m a rebel and never use pins!),
  5. Hang the panels,
  6. Mark/iron the bottom seam based on desired length while the panel is hanging on the rod (a T-square is super helpful for this step; I also recommend you test the length after you’ve ironed the seam to ensure you like it),
  7. Sew the bottom seam to desired length.
  8. Treat yo-self – you just made curtains!

treat yoself


You’ll notice there are 2 closets in this room:

The closet nearest the bookshelf has an access panel to a little crawl space behind the kids’ full bathroom (read: convenient plumbing and electrical access), as well as a space over our garage – which is directly behind the bookshelf/desk wall.  The closet nearest the doorway is largely unused (mainly stuff I still need to hang in the basement).  The dream is to enlarge this closet into the crawl space behind it and convert it into a laundry closet.  Then we can convert our main floor laundry room into a mudroom, and I’ll have upstairs laundry!!!!!!  And a pretty mudroom with tons of storage near our entryway!!  Again – DREAM scenario here!

My favorite Hawaii items in the room are the shell mirror, and the painted surfboard (which I had commissioned from an artist whose work we fell in love with out there, for our first anniversary) ☺️


I also love how the ceiling has a slope to it – after we added one to the ceiling in the powder room, we realized it was an unintentional call-out to this room.  Pretty neat!

Sweet little Winston giving subtle reminders that he’s available to pet… 😂

Also, the view from the top of the stairs is pretty (unicorns and turtles, oh my!):

Still left to do:

  • Install a hard-wired light fixture and convert the light switch to control it (instead of an outlet)
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Convert the closet nearest the doorway to a laundry room

That’s it, folks!  Was anyone else really into the Goosebumps series growing up, or was that just my hubby and I?  What do you think about having laundry in a guest room – is that crazy?  We only have guests every few months…

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