Hosting a Last-Minute 4th of July Party

Happy 3rd of July!  I hope those of you that aren’t already away on vacation have plans to slow down for a minute tomorrow, and celebrate the 4th of July!

A few years ago (back when we lived in our first house), we decided last-minute to host a party for the holiday.  Since it was both a potluck & a pool party, most of the food and entertainment were a no-brainer, but we were still able to pull together a few festive desserts the morning of the party. I thought I would share them today for anyone that’s looking for some easy ideas they can execute with minimal effort! ☺️

I started with a star-shaped, cookie cutter (that I probably picked up in the seasonal decor isle at our grocery store while getting food for the party).  I used it to cut some brownies into stars, then put the leftover pieces in a star-shaped dish for people to snack on that didn’t want to commit to an entire brownie (plus, nothing went to waste)!

I also used that cookie cutter to cut out some sponge cake, and layered vanilla pudding with strawberries, blueberries and the star-shaped, sponge cake for a festive looking trifle-ish (totally a word) dessert.  Looking back, I would recommend using pound cake instead of sponge cake, because the stars collapsed a bit due to the weight of the other ingredients.  Either way would taste delicious though!

But my favorite themed dessert were red, white, and blue strawberries!  They literally take minutes to make:

  1. Clean and dry your strawberries
  2. Dip the bottom 2/3 of the strawberries into melted white chocolate
  3. Immediately dip the bottom 1/3 into a dish with blue sprinkles
  4. Dry on parchment paper and refrigerate until ready to eat.
  5. Do not taste test or none will be left for the party, haha 😁

The rest of the food was your standard fare, barbecue food.  Extra credit if you make a watermelon, feta cheese salad with a fresh mint (perfect time of year to make it)!

We probably got our star-shaped platters at the Dollar Store or at the Dollar Spot in Target (sorry, I don’t remember)!  And the last key item were some fireworks for the kids hubby 😊

Hope you all have a yummy 4th of July, celebrating our Independence with friends and family!

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