It’s the little things

I know, so cliché. But in this case, it’s very true. Since last week, several little things happened this week that are important steps towards our renovation being done. The most noticeable (and probably least important as far as getting to move back in) is the grading being completed in the front. I was actually happiest to see this change, because it was looking pretty shabby out front (you know, because people were noticing everything but the gigantic blue roll off box full of construction trash in the driveway 😄)

Another HUGE step towards being done, and probably one of the most important, is getting the bulk of the inspections done. Note the gas line still needs to be completed, which will be done shortly. Otherwise, I am excited about seeing the floor and walls get closed up!

Other notable additions are the rough ductwork for the vent hood and rough electrical for the dryer and air conditioner, very exciting stuff.

Rough ductwork for hood vent has been installed!
Rough electrical for the air conditioning

Hoping to see even more changes towards the end of the week and with any luck, a closed up floor and maybe even insulation and/or drywall in the very near future.

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