Our Basement Bathroom Makeover…

Last week I finally finished the bathroom in our basement!  I’ve had it almost finished for about 8 months now, so this has been a long time coming 🙂

This bathroom started as the nicest bathroom in our house.  Apart from being a little dirty, it didn’t have any holes in the walls and the shower is clean and white (as opposed to a green, dirty tub, with a dirty wall surround – like our master bath; or a just a terrifyingly disgusting bathroom, in general).  So while it wasn’t horribly offensive, I still wanted to put my stamp on it.

The first step was painting the walls (Ben Moore Dark Teal), which helped a lot.

Then I painted the tile – which was HUGE! (I used the same method and color I shared before, but omitted stenciling the pattern on top – because the tiles in here are smaller than the stencils, and most of the floor is covered by rugs).


Next I just had fun decorating (I started back in December, so I’ve slowly gotten things over the past 8 months).  The light fixture was my starting point, and helped give me the vibe I wanted for the room.  I finally figured out how to finish it off when I spotted some salvaged wood from Baltimore row homes at a local vintage goods market (The Painted Mill for locals)!  I knew they would make perfect open storage shelves over the toilet, and the rest came together quickly.


Everything else in here hails from HomeGoods… My favorite HomeGoods find is the capiz shell box that I am using to store extra toiletries (since this is a guest bathroom).  I also think the new mirror goes a long way in transforming the space!

I used prints from a recent trip to Italy for the art.  The hardest part was deciding which pictures to use, which was harder than you would think!  It was hard to capture them because of the glare, but here are a few close-ups anyway: 🙂

Here’s a ton of afters, because why not:

And one more set of before/after pics to save you from scrolling 🙂

I still want to eventually update the flushmount light on the ceiling (not pictured) and doorknob.  Probably the faucet and cabinet hardware, too…  But I’m not in a rush – I’ll wait until I find the things that I really like for the space (well, except for the doorknob – I already know I want to match it to the other new ones in the house) 🙂  By the way, did you notice all the dents, holes, and scuff marks in the shelves?!  Love that!!

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