An Elmo Birthday Party!

What is going on here?!  Time is continuing to fly by and my baby (middle baby) turns three before the month is over (someone please send help – I’m falling apart over here!)… 😭 In honor of his upcoming birthday, I recently shared a recap of his first birthday, so thought I would share his second birthday today.

For a brief moment in time around his second birthday he was very into Elmo, so that made it easy to decide on a theme.

Birthday shirt:

I continued the birthday shirt tradition, and made a simple shirt using felt and fabric glue.  These are such an easy way to personalize the day for your child, and you can always use a paper template printed from Microsoft word (or a Cricut if you have one!) for letters, etc.  Felt is such a forgiving material to work with, and it doesn’t get easier than gluing it to a shirt! Just be sure to put a piece of cardboard under the front of the shirt until the glue is dry, so you don’t accidentally glue the front of your shirt to the back. 😊

Here’s a good picture of him wearing it:


I did a simple invitation using Microsoft publisher (but word would work, too), and saved it as a jpeg file to text it to a few friends.


For the favors I kept it simple and gave each kid a small tub of play-doh, along with one letter and one number “play-doh” cutter; it was all in little paper bags for each kid to easily grab. (Get it – the “letter” and “number” of the day – like on Sesame Street?!)  I thought about getting fancy and personalizing each favor to the kids (to include a number with the child’s actual age, and their first initial), but that was quickly getting out of control (too many of our friends’ kids have the same first initials), haha!  Great idea to make this favor more thoughtful if you have less (or no) repeat initials and/or ages though! I didn’t take a picture of these, but imagine a collection of brown, paper bags with the linked items above inside of them… 😁


We had this party during breakfast and LOVED it!  It was nice to have it early in the day and breakfast food is so easy!  Unfortunately, I hardly took any pictures of the food, but we had waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, bagels, and breakfast pizza.  It was a huge spread of food.  We also had fruit (which I DO have pictures of, because I made an “Elmo” face with one platter, and cut out H’s and 2’s for another dish 🙂  Elmo’s eye’s are made out of yogurt with a few blueberries in the center.  There was a lot of fruit, but it doubled as great toppings for the waffles, and for making fruit parfaits using the yogurt (we also had some granola).  We also had coffee and juice, because – duh!  Haha.


I REALLY wish I had a picture of this, but instead of cake pops, I used green and white paper straws and stuck doughnut holes on the ends (so it was slightly reminiscent of the Sesame Street lantern)!  We used assorted full-size doughnuts for the cake.  Breakfast parties are the easiest!!  Haha.

Of course the birthday boy was really weirded out by everyone singing happy birthday to him, and stared at the cake and everyone in the room for a solid 2-3 minutes with the funniest look on his face.  I love the picture below so much it’s in our hallway! 😂😍

Eventually, we convinced him to blow out the candle… ☺️

This party was also about 2 months after we moved into our house, so if you look closely in the pictures you’ll notice things like, our dining room still has walls, our kitchen backsplash wasn’t installed yet, and our powder room still had the gross, dirty tile (aka: it wasn’t re-done yet).  Actually, these pictures makes me feel a lot better about the missing drywall in our living room (from our termite friends) – at least I can see from the dining room into the living room now!  Haha!

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