A Playground for the Backyard!

This past weekend we hit a big milestone for the East Coast household – we officially have a playground!!

This is a big deal for us because our kids are 21 months old, 4 years old, and 7 years old, so having a playground in the backyard will easily get used (frequently!) for the next decade, if not more!

The playground is a set from Costco, and came in 4 giant boxes of parts, plus a slide. My father-in-law helped the hubs to build it (and actually he got it for the kids as their big gift for the year – lucky kids!), but first they had to level out a spot for it. Except our backyard is almost entirely a giant, gradual slope, so they decided it would be easier to build a deck for the playhouse structure instead! The deck is 16 ft x 16 ft, which allows for a few feet of clearance around the playhouse and curly slide. The swing portion was leveled before the supports were cemented in-place, but this wasn’t as hard to do because they’re in an area that was the most level to begin with.

Here’s a picture of them trying to figure out placement of the playground (the empty space on the left is over a septic tank, so we didn’t want to put it there).

We settled on tearing out some of the brush on the right side of the backyard, and nestling it off to the side (I really wanted it on one side or the other, as opposed to the middle of the yard, so it feels balanced).

Then began the brush clearing and deck building (the footers are set with cement):

They started to get lots of supervision from the kids once the deck neared completion… 😁

And a LOT as soon as the deck was done… 😆

And some playing when the builders had to make a supply run… ☺️

It took 2 days to build the deck (the cement around the posts had to cure overnight before finishing it), and the majority of a day to get a fair amount of the playhouse installed.

My father-in-law finished building EVERYTHING throughout the week, while the hubs and I were at work. Every day the kids would gleefully run to the playground to check out the latest progress, haha.

Note how they added some giant stone pavers to extend the front corner of the deck. You can see how this corner is level with the ground, so the pavers (found buried under the brush they removed) helps to decrease the kids from tracking around mud, since it’s the main access point to the deck. We still need to add weed-blocker and some wood chips under the swings (but for now I’m calling this project done 😊). So without further adieu, here are a ton of pictures of the finished product!

At first I thought I would dislike the colors of the playground (loving all the makeovers where people are painting the wood white), but I actually LOVE the colors of the wood for this set. It’s so pretty in-person! Plus, it’s cedar so it smells great, and I would hate to cover that up with paint! I would also hate to not be able to call this project done yet. Even though I had zero part in contributing to it being finished – except maybe to create more work by insisting it be installed where bushes had to be removed for better “balance”. I promise it was an amicable compromise though… 😂

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