Star Wars Halloween Costume Ideas…

Ummm… Is it just me, or did September pull some sort of time-shenanigans on us all & actually fly by in 2 weeks? Either way, since it’s October now, I thought it would be appropriate to share some Halloween costume ideas/inspiration. ☺️

Every year, I vary between getting the kids a store-bought costume, to DIYing a “semi-homemade” one (I never make actual pants or shirts; so I’m not sure I can call any of my costumes fully “homemade”?). Just depends on my energy levels and how easily I think delude myself into thinking I can DIY a version.

Anyway, we’ve done Star Wars-themed costumes three times now, so I figured I would group them all into this post.

For E’s first Halloween, he was Yoda (not homemade, but still cute!):

For his second Halloween, he was an Ewok. For this costume I browsed Goodwill for an animal costume in his size (I found a lion, but I think a bear would’ve worked well, too). I also bought an orange shirt. Then I just draped the shirt over his head while his lion costume was on, and safety pinned the orange shirt (inside out to hide the design) around his head.

I positioned the bottom of the shirt to go around his face so the fabric would drape better, which did mean I had to cut new arm holes. I also inverted the snout on the lions head and secured it with safety pins, allowing the shirt to hide it more easily. I cut the bottom of the shirt once it was secured and everything else was done, so the hole of the head was gone and the bottom looked like more like a rag. This picture is a decent view showing how I cut up the shirt once I was happy with the draping and it was secured in-place.

A little bit of face paint for his nose and voila! An Ewok! ☺️

The next three years we switched themes, but then came back around to Star Wars (the boys were totally onboard when they saw their new light sabers and masks – thanks, Target)!

I kept these costumes really basic. I got a Storm Trooper zip-up hoodie for H, a Storm Trooper shirt for E, Storm Trooper masks, and black sweat pants. I also got them Darth Vader candy baskets (which they used the following year, and will probably use again this year and for many Halloween’s to come!).

I bought a Darth Vader helmet (not mask!) for the hubs, and he used a Darth Vader running shirt he already had (for some Star Wars-themed races). Side noteApparently the helmet was pretty hot and fogged up easily, hahaha!

The creative thing we did that year, was we also dressed up the baby (I was 10.5 months pregnant at the time). So, I/the baby went as the Death Star! I used 2 cheap maternity shirts from Target, one in black and one in gray. After putting both on (the gray shirt as the base layer), I slowly cut a slit in the black shirt, horizontally across the largest section of my belly. Then I carefully rolled the top and bottom pieces of black fabric away from my belly, to reveal the gray shirt underneath. Finally, I stood in front of a mirror, and used a black sharpie to draw various lines and boxes on the exposed, gray shirt. And also – perfection is not necessary… Haha.

My biggest tips are: have a picture of the Death Star for reference, but just try to focus on getting a somewhat straight, horizontal line across the middle of your belly, then focus on the circles, then make your boxes on the top and bottom sections.

And here’s a family picture of the Evil Empire… 😊

I’ll share the other costumes we’ve done so far in the next week or two… ☺️

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