Exterior DIY Halloween Decor!

Welp, we’re about a week out from Halloween and I finally started making our kids’ costumes- woohoo!! But, I’ll have to wait to share that until I actually finish. Hopefully I have them finished by Sunday and will be sharing them next week (instead of working on them until the last possible minute next week!)…

So this week, I’m sharing 2 easy, super cute DIY projects to decorate your front porch/exterior! Since there’s still one weekend left until Halloween, you can easily pull either or both of these off, then save them for next year!

Spooky Silhouettes:

The first project is creating spooky silhouettes for your window(s):

  1. Decide what you want to display – ghosts, bats, monsters, spiders – the idea’s are endless!
  2. Do an image search for inspiration (if needed), and sketch the outline of your desired item out on cardboard. This is super forgiving (you can’t see any marker, pencil, etc. on the shapes at night – only the silhouette is visible).
  3. Once you’re happy with your outlined item, cut it out. Here’s a picture of my monsters after I cut them out (you can see I drew some eyes on them, but it was wasted effort because you couldn’t really make them out, even in the day time):
  4. Tape the item(s) up in your desired window(s). And don’t forget to draw your curtains closed so they can really be emphasized and enjoyed at night!

So cute spooky!! ☺️

You can see we really went all out that year. After this we never used lights or cobwebs to decorate for Halloween again; but taping these back up was always a breeze, so I reused the monsters every year! And they’re cardboard, so storing them flat took up no space!

Also, you’ll notice these were made for our first house. I still have to make some for this house, but I haven’t decided what to do yet (my poor monsters got damaged in the move ☹️). I’ll probably wait until next year and will get the kids to weigh in on it (maybe they can make some of their own?!).

The second project I want to share is how to display levitating witch hats. I got mine from the dollar spot at Target (I know – so predictable… hahaha!).

Levitating Witch Hats:

To do this project, first decide where you want the hats to “float,” and add a hook (I used a finishing nail) above the desired location. To hang the hat:

  1. Thread some clear monofilament cord through the end of a piece of cardboard, giving yourself about twice the length needed to hang your hat at the desired height (from your hook), and knot it.
  2. Shape/roll the cardboard so it will fit into the hat, and thread the needle through the end of the hat.
  3. Pull all of the cord through, and tie around your hook when the hat is at the desired height. I twisted my extra cording around the hanging line, but you could also cut the excess off.
  4. Enjoy! 😊

So easy, and again – cute spooky, right?! 😁

Anyone else digging simplistic exterior Halloween decor? I swear, every year I get nervous that the hubs is gonna come back from a Lowe’s trip with an inflatable lawn ornament… 😂

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