DIY Handprint Ornaments

Who’s ready for another DIY Christmas craft?! We have a handful (pun intended) of handmade ornaments around the house with baby hand and/or fingerprints, so I thought I would share a few in one post. I love giving personalized gifts with our kids prints, because they’re growing so fast, and it’s so fun (okay, and sad) to look back at how tiny their hands (and feet, for that matter) once were…

These are all pretty obvious and self explanatory once you see the pictures, so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking!

First up, a DIY reindeer handprint ornament:

Things to note for this ornament:

Use a flatter ornament (instead of a rounded one) so you can see the handprint better. Paint for the handprint, a sharpie for a custom message, eye stickers and a plastic jewel for the nose (attached with glue), is all you need for this one!

Next up: DIY fingerprint tree ornament:

I used a cookie cutter to get the tree shape (and a toothpick for the ribbon holes), then a thumb print for each kid for the ornaments. Then I painted it with acrylic paint, and once dry, added the names, year, and “string of lights” detailing with a sharpie. I threaded a ribbon through the holes at the top to hang it. Easy peasy!

(Tip: while I used air dry clay for this, I used sculpey clay for the heart-shaped ornament below, and it’s less fragile than the air dry. The air dry ornament is harder, but prone to chipping and breaking. The sculpey clay ornament is stiff, but slightly flexible – so more durable).

Lastly, I have a DIY “First Christmas” handprint ornament:

Obviously, this was a Christmas gift from me to the hubs on our first Christmas with our oldest child, but you could do the same for the grandparents, or just a baby’s first Christmas ornament, etc. We both LOVE how this one turned out, because it captures so many little lines from his tiny hand… 💘 And you can write a personalized message on the back! (Again – don’t forget to puncture a hole for a hook, or two holes for a ribbon!).

I actually don’t think I even baked this ornament as directed (if I did, it was for a decreased duration). So that might be why this ornament is more durable than the air dry lay that self-hardens. I know it seems counterintuitive, but the tree ornament will definitely break if dropped (a few were actually damaged while sitting in a box during the drive back to Michigan); while the heart ornament could be tossed like a frisbee and still not break upon landing!

Anyone else really like making keepsake gifts with your kids’ hand and footprints?! I usually try to make an extra for ourselves because I always love them so much… Haha!

Also, is Thanksgiving really next week?! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO TIME?! 😂

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