Finally (almost) Done!

Well, it’s been a long long road, but our renovation is finally just about done. We have moved in, but there is a pretty long list of loose ends to be finished up. One of those things is (shockingly) plumbing issues! What a surprise. It is exciting though, that we have finally made it this far.

Here are some photos I took while we worked on cleaning and moving in. I love the new floors! And they have proven easy to keep clean so far. Also a huge improvement is the lighting situation. In addition to the chandelier, pendant lights, and fixtures there are pot lights throughout the first floor, which we put on dimmers. So convienent for late night Netflix watching.

View of the dining area, love the floors 😍
View of the living room area. The darker accent wall has turned out as a nice backdrop for the TV
View of the kitchen. I know, the counters are a mess but since moving I’m trying hard to keep them clear because they are so pretty!
This extra bathroom has come a long way. I can’t believe it used to be a utility closet
View of the mudroom from the kitchen. Currently this is a staging area, but I’m looking forward to when we can use it as intended!

I still can’t believe what a long way this place has come since the beginning and I’m excited to start putting everything together 😁

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