East Coast: 2019 Project Goals

Hey there – long time no blog post from this side of the country! Sorry for the radio silence – we all know that December is a crazy month, but to add to the crazy, we spent a week in Disney (where we celebrated the baby girls’ second birthday – crazy that my baby is two!!! 😭). So, zero house projects took place, and life was a blur for a bit… 😁

But anyway, now that it’s January and things are finally starting to return to a normal pace around here, I thought it would be a good idea to post about my project goals for 2019. Maybe declaring them to the internet will help motivate me to accomplish some of them?

This year, my big focus will be our basement. I’d like the focus of our projects to be using materials we (mostly) already have on-hand. And our house apparently wanted to help push me in the right direction, so it started off the New Year by springing a leak in our hot water tank – consequently, flooding our basement…

Yes. That is my beautiful, stenciled floor… UGH!!!!! Thankfully, the sealant I used protected the floor pretty well, and only 3 tiles have to be redone. That was only after a single coat of sealant. Definitely wishing now I had applied 2-3 coats! In contrast, the entire hallway & living room floor has tiles scattered throughout where paint came off (including big patches under the rugs), where I hadn’t applied a coat of sealant yet. That’ll teach me!

Silver lining: not every room was under water due to a slightly uneven floor; and it was clean water! This means our kitchen, main guest bedroom, and bathroom were spared. We had some rugs get really wet, but we were able to vacuum a lot of the water out and completely dry them with fans. So there’s no smell or damage (yay, for clean water & cool temps)! (We also haven’t stopped running a dehumidifier since, because – why risk it?!) So really, the worst of the damage was paint – and having to replace the hot water tank. ☹️

So since the bulk of the damage was paint and we already have a lot of paint on-hand, I might as well embrace the painting theme…

2019 Project Goals:

    Finish painting the basement floor. This will mean: priming and painting the damaged parts, re-painting (at least 2 coats) the entire floor, and sealing (at least 3 coats). I’ll also stencil the kitchen tiles & the fix the stencil on the tiles that were damaged by water in the workout room, shown above.
    Paint all of the basement baseboards, doors & door trim. It’s all gonna be the same paint we used for trim and doors throughout the house (mentioned in this post), so at least I already have this paint. I can feel my back hurting already though… haha.
    Paint the basement living room and stairwell. The worst part about this goal is that I already did it once, but I realized after I painted it (the same color as our dining room), that it has the wrong undertones for the space and looks almost purple, instead of gray. Things got worse when I painted the floor a different shade of gray & got a pink rug, haha! I already have the color I want to repaint them though (same color as our master bedroom).
    Finish the main Guest Room in the basement. We’ve slowly been making this room cozier throughout the past 2 years, but we finally have a dresser that I think will finish it off nicely, so this project might be my first to check off the list! And bonus, I haven’t blogged about it yet!
    Tackle the second Guest Room in the basement. We haven’t decided if we want this room to do double-duty as a playroom downstairs or not, but once we figure it out I’d like to finish it off. Another room I’m excited to share with you!
    Finish the Workout room. This is the third bedroom in the basement, and currently has the only stenciled floor. It’s pretty much ready to go, but I have to repaint the tiles that got damaged by water & figure out what to hang on the walls…
    Hang a new railing & picture gallery in the basement stairwell. Sadly, I already have a lot of frames (and prints) waiting to go for this project, but they’re waiting for me to repaint the stairwell first. Boo…
    Put the ping pong table together! Yes, I realize I sound like I’m 19. πŸ˜‚ But I don’t care – ping pong is amazing & it’s time the hubs and I start using our table again! And our basement living room comfortably fits two, 9×12 rugs, so c’mon – that has to be enough room to play and still have a couch (the hubs says no; I think he just doesn’t want to put the table together, haha)! The problem here is, I really have to finish all of the painting first before tackling this one… More incentive to paint though!
    Finish the living room built-ins. I’m talking about the built-ins the hubs made after termites forced us to move the project to the top of our list! The sad part is, he got 95% finished with the project before our son’s 4th birthday, and then stopped. So goes every project around here (like me not putting sealant on all the basement floors)! The only thing left is to finish making the cabinet doors and installing them, so I have been holding out thinking “maybe they’ll be done this weekend!“. Obviously, “this weekend” hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll update you on the current progress in my next post. Because seriously… it’s time!
    Paint the front porch. I’ve wanted to do this since we’ve moved in; I’ve just struggled with white versus gray… And, you know – motivation… πŸ˜‚
    Paint the front door. Can you paint the front porch and stop at the door? Sure. But if anything, I’ll paint the door and skip the porch! Remember this post about our old house’s front door? I looooooooved that color! And I don’t hate our current front door, but it’s so sad and plain. Plus, with all of our brick and black shingles nearby it, I think it needs a pop of color. I have been telling myself I’ll paint the front door every year, so I want to finally pull the trigger this year! (Seriously- did you notice the paint swatch taped to the door in the pic above?! πŸ˜‚)

Okay, that list gives me (or the hubs) something major to do every month but one, and I already talked about how December is a no-go… Plus, January is already half over. So, I’m gonna stop myself there! In December (or next January), I’ll take a look back and see how I did against my goals! And if I enjoyed my second job as a painter… Hahaha. (I already somewhat worry that I will deeply regret this list and all things painting by March, but we’ll see where this takes me… πŸ˜†)

Anyone else making New Years Goals or Resolutions? I feel like “goals” sounds more doable than a “resolution,” no?!

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