Midwest: 2019 Project Goals

Now that construction is done, we are moved in and the holidays are over, I keep looking around and thinking about what I want each space to be. Since we have pretty much doubled our square footage, I’m looking at a lot of half empty rooms these days. Which isn’t a terrible thing but we could definitely use some personalization and some functional furniture. Or in some cases, any furniture at all. The “office” is empty except for the kids video game setup that I banished from the living room (and a small hoard in the closet that I have no motivation to sort and am currently ignoring. Sorry Marie Kondo 😅).

In addition to these spaces, there are a few others I’d like to work on over the next year. I’m sure that my thoughts on how each space will be finished will evolve as I go, but here is what I am currently thinking:

1. Living Room

This room is a refreshing change from our previous (very cramped) living room, but it definitely needs some personality. We are also considering adding some built-in shelving on the wall with the TV. We will see, nothing has been decided for sure, except that we need additional seating!

2. Mud Room

The mud room is the room in the most transition right now. We used it for staging while we were moving (still have a few items to move out of there!) and have repurposed furniture from our previous entryway to make it work for now.

Eventually, we’d like to have a more permanent solution for coat, shoe and backpack storage (something like this?) and also move the table I bought for next to the door in there, which is currently in the dining room, filling empty space (not a bad problem to have!). The bench might get a cosmetic overhaul but will probably live there for a little while.

3. Kids Bedrooms

Already its been great having everyone in their own space (which was really the point of the entire project). What I’m finding though is we need more storage in all the rooms (when isn’t storage in a kids room needed?) I’d like to come up with some solutions that look nice as well as keep the mess hidden (something like this would be awesome!) and of course we need to replace my daughter’s bed frame and get some art/personality on the walls.

4. Office

This room is still a blank slate. It’s nice to have a catchall place for now that I can just close the door and not think about it for a few minutes. For now, this room has been set up for the kids to use, but eventually we’d like to set it up as an office and guest room.

5. Laundry Area

This area has been really great. I can’t overstate how nice it is to have the laundry upstairs and (mostly) contained to one area. However, one thing this area is really lacking is a countertop and possibly some additional shelving. The jury is still out on whether we will leave it a cased opening or add doors. We were concerned that if we added doors they would constantly be open and blocking the hallway. We had them add extra insulation to the walls in this area and the washer and dryer are fairly quiet so noise hasn’t been an issue. I think this is something we will have to live with for a while before making a final decision.

6. Main Bath

It has been so nice to have this extra bathroom. And the fact that it has 2 sinks is 👌 for everyone getting ready in the morning (our previous setup was the source of many arguments in the morning). This room needs some personality on the walls, some rugs/mats and possibly some shelving.

7. Master Bath

The master bath is pretty much perfect, except that I would love to have a better solution for towel storage (currently we are just using some hooks with storage in the hall closet) and I would really like to add a vanity on the empty wall. This room could also use a little bit of personality (it’s a theme around here for sure).

I think that is a pretty good list of goals for 2019, although putting it all in one place makes it feel a bit overwhelming! Anyone have any suggestions for pretty and practical storage options for kids’ rooms?

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