East Coast: Blogiversary!

Can you believe that Dee & I started blogging a YEAR ago?! Well, technically on Feb 14th, but close enough! 😊

Since it’s been a year of blogging, I wanted to look back and see what I even talked about for that long, ha!

I indirectly gave a tour of our current house, if you piece my posts together (come to think of it, maybe I’ll do an actual tour this year – a video walk-through?!).

The main floor of our house has the den (which was dramatically transformed by paint):

From there you can either walk into our kitchen (I covered the phase one transformation and our future layout plans):

Or our entryway (I covered removing walls in the foyer, which are adjacent to our dining & living rooms):

Our powder room is off the main floor hallway (pictured behind the staircase in the lower right photo above), connecting our kitchen to our foyer. I shared our powder room renovation, which was a complete gut job:

Still LOVE that tile floor!! ☺️

Our staircase looks into our living room (I shared our phase 1 living room makeover):

Which now has a new fireplace wall (thanks to termites, which you can see were to the right of the fireplace in the photo above):

And our dining room is next to the staircase (this room is also in phase one of the makeover stage):

The stairwell and upstairs hallway are mostly done (need to update the balusters and railing):

Note: the Mickey gallery below is actually in the main floor hallway – the opposite wall has the powder room entrance.

I covered our current master bedroom progress (still haven’t touched the bathroom):

As well as, current progress of the other four bedrooms upstairs; but we still haven’t touched the kids bathroom (again – more reason to share a full house tour!).

Our baby girl’s nursery is easily my favorite kid room I’ve ever decorated:

I also shared our oldest son’s Star Wars/Spongebob room:

And our youngest son’s room:

Plus, the guest room/office transformation:

In our basement, I shared our stenciled floor (which was destroyed by a hot water tank leak in January). I also give a photo tour of our entire basement in that post!

And bathroom (also really love this makeover – nothing required but paint!):

As I mentioned in my 2019 goals, I hope to really transform the rest of our basement this year!

While on the topic of house projects, I also shared a few projects of our first house. Our old front door (this might have been my single favorite thing about our old house?):

Although I also loved our old closets (with organizers custom-built by the hubs):

Okay, and our old sunroom:

I’m not sure if I’ll share any more projects from our first house… Maybe if we get caught in project limbo and I’m missing having a finished space again? Hah!

I shared one “outside” project – our new playground:

I also had several posts covering one of my FAVORITE things to do – party planning!! Those posts are full of ideas for food, cake, favors, and decor ideas for each specific theme!

Dr. Seuss party:

Dinosaur party:

Zoo party:

Mickey party:

Mo Willems party:

Fire Fighter party:

Shark party:

Elmo party:

Construction party (I need that dessert table in my life right now, haha!):

Toy Story party:

And the Fourth of July:

I will definitely have more party planning posts this year!!

I was lucky enough to play house stager for some friends (also loved doing this!):

And, lastly, I had a few crafty posts (again, definitely plan on more of these throughout the upcoming year 😁):

Valentines Day garland (my first post!):

Valentine card ideas:

Easter garland:

Halloween costumes (here):


And here:

Plus, Halloween decor:

And handmade (pun intended) Christmas gifts (here):

And here:

One new thing I’ve been considering blogging about this year is travel…

I really enjoy traveling, and since there are so many amazing places and cultures to explore on this planet, I try to do ALL THE THINGS whenever traveling, in case I never return. So I was thinking it might be fun to look back at some of the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit, and maybe share some tips I learned of things you might want to do (or avoid) if you’re planning a trip to the same spot?!

What do you think? Would you be interested in travel posts?

Also, thanks(!!) for following along over the past year (or however long you’ve been reading)! It has definitely helped motivate me to keep forward momentum on our house projects – and I love the results of the projects (so any motivation for the actual “work” part is welcome)… ☺️

Speaking of, I’ve been working hard on our basement floors over the past few weekends, and am hoping to have a progress post on that for you next week… Woohoo/ fingers crossed!!!

2 thoughts on “East Coast: Blogiversary!

  1. Your house is GORGEOUS!! I can’t believe that I’m just now looking at your blog…almost one whole year later! There’s so much I missed but just looking through IG!! Keep it up!! You’re so talented!!!!!


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