Marathon Painting…

That is what I’ve been up to lately. And I’m happy to report that I’ve almost finished one of my 2019 Project Goals: fixing the basement floors!

I’ve spent the last month working on them every weekend. It took me 30+ hours to clean and prep them to be re-painted after the water damage.

The hubs helped with the immediate clean-up (removing the water):

Then I scraped up all of the “wrinkled” paint areas, and cleaned the floors:

Don’t you just love the dolly tracks made when the new water tank was installed? Ugh. Those went from the living room doors, through the hallway, to the utility closet in the kitchen. It was muddy outside the weekend the tank was replaced, so the trail was inevitable (even using a paved path the whole way). In front of the living room door…

…and in front of the utility closet got the worst of the dirt:

Here’s the hallway (looking from the bottom of the stairs, towards the guest bedroom – kitchen is on the right at the end of the hall):

Here’s how the floors were looking after cleaned and prepped for primer…

Much of the floor in the workout room was spared damage since I applied a coat of sealant (Safecoat Polyureseal BP). Imagine if I had applied 3 coats to ensure thorough coverage?

You can see the bathroom was completely spared, thanks to the coat of sealant I had applied:

Here’s the entire hallway after cleanup (view from the guest bedroom: the kitchen is off the first opening on the left, the bathroom is off the second opening on the left, the future playroom is at the end of the hall – facing the bottom of the stairs).

Here’s the view from the kitchen into the hallway after clean-up:

Next step was priming the spots with damage. I primed almost all of the living room and hallway, but the kitchen and workout room just needed random spots addressed:

Next, I painted 2 coats of Porch Floor and Patio paint (the original color I used is no longer sold premixed, but thankfully the formula is still in the system – the light gray color is “Concrete” and I got the Satin finish).

No more dirt tracks – yay!!

You can see I waited to fix the darker gray details until I stenciled the kitchen floor (ironically the darker color is the “Light Gray” color Lowe’s carries in stock, also in the Satin finish).

Next I added the stencil to the kitchen floor, and fixed the applicable tiles in the workout room. I followed the same process as when I originally stenciled the workout room.

Except this time around, I’m applying many coats of the sealant… Haha! 😁

This process really is easy. Just time consuming. It helps to have podcasts or some good music to listen to, haha.

When I got to partial tiles, I just let the stencil flex as needed and painted as far as I reasonably could.

Action shot!

Some tips:

  • The pattern gets a bit cleaner after you’ve painted a few tiles and there’s a small build-up of paint around the seams. So don’t worry about cleaning the back of the stencil after each use – just give it a few minutes to dry; after the first few tiles, pulling it up in one swift motion should yield a clean result!
  • You can use baby wipes to easily clean up your edges if needed, but generally a bit of bleeding looks fine (I have it on many tiles to varying degrees and it’s hard to spot – recommend just cleaning up obvious errors).
  • Order extra stencils! After a while the build-up of paint can cause your stenciled tiles to have noticeably skinnier patterns. Look at the full tile pictured in the center compared to the surrounding tiles (most notable compared to the tile on the right):

You can see I made it about 2/3 through the floor before switching to a new stencil (below):

You could always clean the original stencil and keep going, but I was appreciative that I could skip that step. I was probably 6 hours in by this point…

Here’s the result, before sealant:

I cannot recommend Stencils Online to create your stencil enough! They were great to work with, and very responsive to my questions and tweaks.

Below pictures are after touching up the workout room (you can definitely tell the originally sealed tiles from the freshly painted spots – and that the new paint wasn’t a exact color match. Grrr….):

So far I’ve added one coat of sealant to all of the newly painted floors. I need to order more so I can apply another 2-3 coats… But here’s the current progress (I doubt any future pictures will vary much, since they already look glossy):

The workout room isn’t perfect, but the sealant helped to even things out a lot. At first glance you can hardly even notice the differences in color – if at all! And also, this is where we’ll be working out – sooooo… it’s good enough, lol!

I cannot WAIT to be done with this project! I will say, as annoying as it has been having to repaint, at least this time around I have the satisfaction of seeing the kitchen stenciled. I had always planned to do it, but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes! Same with the sealant- that glossy finish is SO PRETTY in person!! ☺️

Hoping all the floors have 2-3 coats of sealant by March. Let’s forget about how I still have to (at a minimum!) seal the floor in the playroom & guest bedroom (those rooms are currently holding all the furniture and rugs for the basement).

In the meantime, I’m going to start repainting the living room and stairwell walls. After painting the tile the first time around, I realized the walls have a purple undertone. It’s emphasized by the colorful (pretty pink!) rugs, so I want to paint the walls a darker gray. That room gets a lot of natural light, so I think it’ll look much better. Here’s a picture from before the water damage to show you what I mean:

Not horrible, but annoying enough to bug me.

Anyway – hopefully I’ll have an update for you on that next week! In the meantime, I’ll keep sealing floors. And painting walls. And painting  trim. And starting over again after I move stuff out of the other 2 bedrooms… Wish me sanity! 😁

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