Master Closet Planning

One area of our house that needs some additional storage is the master closet. After years of having limited space to store things, and not everything necessarily having a “home” I have found that over time the master closet became a “stash and dash” spot.

Clearly we were running out of space!

Using the closet this way hasn’t really seemed to change much, even though we have plenty of storage space now. I think mostly because it’s the one place the kids don’t really go, so anything out of bounds for them ends up going in there. Because of this, it became pretty obvious we will need something more than what the builder was planning on doing (a couple of shelves and a bar). So instead we had them paint it and leave it an empty space so we could figure out what we wanted to with it.

In the interim, we put up some temporary shelving and space to hang clothes (bought from my favorite store Costco) until we land on a more permanent solution.

Obviously old habits are hard to break!

Not as bad a before, but not good either. Interesting though that the color is chatroom by Sherwin Williams but it looks tan or white in photos.

We did price out an Ikea Pax system, and spent a lot of time figuring out what we would want/need and came up with this:


The system is great because it’s affordable and so customizable, but I’m starting to wonder if we should go with something that takes up less floor space and is a little more versatile once it’s been installed? This layout would basically take up two entire walls, and we would have to figure something out so the vent along the back wall wouldn’t be blocked. It might be better to go with something like Nikki’s old closets (which were planned and made from scratch!). Besides, that would mean I would have to cover up the floor, which would be a little sad…

Anyone design their own closet? Any suggestions for what works and what doesn’t?

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