Basement Living Room Progress…

I am happy to report that I have made major progress in the basement over the past week! Sure, I was cleaning paint out of my hair Monday morning (not kidding), but the progress was well worth it! Haha.

The first room in the basement I’m focusing on finishing is the living room. I already updated you last week on the flooring progress, which was necessary due to our hot water tank leaking (thus, crushing my soul).

Once I finish the sealing the floors, I can move all the rugs and furniture that our playroom & guest room are currently holding, and fix the floor in those rooms. Then I can work on slowly finishing ALL of the rooms down here – except for the bathroom, which I already finished last summer. Can’t wait to get to decorating!

But back to the living room… Here are some BEFORE pictures taken right after we moved in – as evidenced by all the boxes and things piled up, hah!

Next up, here are pictures of the room AFTER I painted the walls and floors, but before the hot water tank laughed in my face ruined the floors. I immediately recognized that I had to repaint the walls in this room, since the gray color used for the floor brought out a purple undertone in the gray wall paint, especially once I put my (favorite ever?!) rugs into the room. But this room was used exclusively for our bounce house, so I wasn’t in a rush to re-paint it… ๐Ÿ˜

Enter: last week. I repainted the walls from Ben Moore Stonington Gray (which I usually love as a true gray, and used in our dining room and upstairs hallway), to Ben Moore Whale Gray (used in our Master bedroom). The color swatch is shown in the last 2 pictures above, but the in-progress picture below really highlights the difference.

The living room is so large, I got 2 of the same rugs (each 9 x 12) to fill out the space. In the future, we’re thinking we’ll use one rug as a TV/couch zone, and the other rug as a ping pong table zone. But until our kids outgrow the bounce house, we plan to store our ping pong table in the workout room (since it has wheels and folds up for more compact storage). You can tell by the picture above that this location should keep the table easily accessible for when we want to play.

You can tell in the picture above that I stopped painting where the back wall meets the hallway (the navy blue at the top of the wall is most true to color in the workout room). I was worried the gray color transition might look awkward and I would have to repaint the hallway, too, but thankfully that was not the case!

Here’s a view from the playroom, so you can get a better sense of the layout. The weird wood wall is at the landing of the stairs (the hubs and I started talking last weekend about potentially removing that wall, we’ll see where we end up on that topic…).

Here’s a view from the playroom to the right of the stairwell:

The first room on the right is the bathroom. Straight back is the guest room. The second opening on the right leads to the kitchen. And you can’t see it in the picture above, but we also have a closet under the stairs, where I keep all of our seasonal decorations (I call it The North Pole ๐Ÿ˜).

Next up, I painted all of the baseboards and doors in the basement Valspar Snow White (which I use for ALL of our trim and doors throughout the house, including our new fireplace built-ins). This was a bear of a project… I’ve never been so happy to have that wood trim downstairs (which I’m perfectly happy leaving as-is)! The only doors I didn’t paint are the exterior doors. I’m thinking it would be fun to paint them something different. My current top contenders are black, pink (like a raspberry/bold pink), and teal. I might not make that decision until I paint the front door, in case I want to use the same color.

I still have a minimum of one more coat of sealant for the floors. I’m thinking I’ll add 3 more coats (for a total of 5), just to be on the safe side. Then I’m not sure how long I should leave everything to let the floors fully cure, before moving on to fixing the guest room and playroom. The container says at least 24 hours, but I feel like I should wait at least a week?

I do know that our kids are dying to have their bounce house back since it’s still too cold outside to use their playground. And I miss them being able to burn off energy in it. And Santa brought them an arcade basketball game (apparently his elves love Costco, too), so I cannot WAIT to move that monstrosity from our foyer to the basement living room. Plus, our tree is still up, because The North Pole cannot be occupied until I’m done with the floors. Yeah… Needless to say, the entire family is ready for the basement floors to be finished!! So I’m guessing that waiting a week for them to cure is all we’ll be able to handle, lol! ๐Ÿ˜†

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on painting the exterior doors black, pink, or teal? Not sure how the hubs would feel about pink, but I bet he would be cool with it since it’s just a basement (he has already vetoed that option for the front door, haha!)… โ˜บ๏ธ

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