Office progress

Well, it was supposed to be an office/guest room/kid stuff catchall room-I had envisioned maybe a place to store the Legos? Turns out that it was much more convenient to turn it into another TV room. Just what we need, another TV. Except, as the kids get older they want to play video games. Which they are allowed to do (with restrictions), but it turns out that I don’t want to watch them play. So we set them up in the “office”. So far it’s working out great. On snow days they can be in there with the door closed and I work at the dining room table, which I prefer because then I’m in the middle of the house, instead of being closed off, and can keep my eye on everything. The room started out with no purpose:

It quickly evolved into a staging and storage space (I think I shut the door and ignored the mess for a good 2-3 weeks!). But eventually it evolved into this (ignore the mess, we were trying to get all the junk that was in there sorted!):

Recently we moved a bookshelf in from another room and found a great deal on a sleeper sofa at my favorite store Costco. It will be great for the kids to hang out on and for when we have guests.

Still on the to do list are: getting a new rug (the current rug that randomly landed there is comically small), organizing the shelves and closet, adding some art/accessories, and possibly switching out the curtains. Those were recycled from our old master and the jury is still out. What I really like is that the paint (Sherwin Williams Watermarked) and the flooring (Pergo Outlast Applewood) are neutral enough that my options are pretty much open for a rug, curtains etc. I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves as it gets completed.

Anyone else have a room serving several purposes, including being kid-friendly? I really need practical storage solutions (hence the dresser, which is full of art supplies and puzzles) but not in the form of a storage ottoman. We’ve tried and they get destroyed pretty quickly around here.

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