DIY Burlap Wreath and Fabric Flowers.

Last weekend I added the final coat of sealant to our basement floors (woohoo)! So since I’m waiting for them to cure, I decided to start a little spring decorating over the weekend.

First, I pulled out my DIY’d burlap wreath. I actually made it a few years ago (anyone remember the Pinterest Challenge posts that YHL and Bower Power used to host? I think I was inspired to tackle it during one of those).

Since I made it long before I started blogging, I don’t have any progress pictures while making it, but I promise it was super easy!

This 2 minute tutorial really says it all.

Here’s another video that’s more thorough (but uses the same method).

I used that exact method (pulled some burlap through a wire wreath frame, twisted in the back, repeated until I finished, and secured it in place with floral wire).

Here’s a picture of it on our front door at our first house – in fact, this wreath actually inspired me to paint our old door because a brown wreath on a brown door is gross. It’s science.

See it in the lower left corner below?

But last weekend I decided to spice the wreath up a bit. I had always wanted to try my hand at making some fabric flowers, so I finally pulled the trigger!

I followed this great tutorial from Rainy Days Joy, and I’m telling you guys – this is SO easy! Like, I started having visions of making flower garland with my daughter using this method when she’s in first grade, easy! Haha.

First, I got my fabric (which some of you Instagram followers may have noticed in our stories!). Bonus: there’s a sneak peek to the theme for my oldest’s upcoming birthday party (okay, it’ll be Captain Underpants for those without a 6-8 year old boy, haha…☺️):

I chose bright and cheery pink and teal (teal is a front runner for the front door color, but I wanted to see how crazy pink would look with the house palate, too).

I used 3 random things around the house to make my circles (pictured below), since I wanted a variety of flower sizes. Then I cut enough for 3 flowers in each size, in each color.

Here’s a picture of my supplies and all of the circles cut out of the pink fabric (you know Winston had to stay nearby to supervise, haha):

I decided to get really crazy, and use both colors (of differing sizes) for some of the petals. Here’s a progress picture of when I was almost finished:

While I love the results of the actual flowers, I’m not totally convinced about keeping them on the burlap wreath just yet… To attach, I arranged them on the wreath and used white thread to stitch them on (I can easily remove them by cutting the thread). This was a forgiving process because burlap has giant holes, and the wreath itself has a lot of folded fabric that can hide thread. Here’s a side angle of the wreath to give you an idea (you can see the white thread to the right of the teal flower):

The jury is still out on if I’m going to leave this out all spring, or make garland out of the flowers (leaning towards garland). Still not a fan of a brown wreath on a brown door… 😁

But the jury is NOT still out on if I need to paint the front door this year. This reinforces how much I love teal next to a red & black brick scheme – so if nothing else, at least the flowers reaffirmed the plan to paint the door teal! ☺️

The flowers remind me of Hawaii, so maybe I’ll ultimately use them as summer decor instead of spring decor… Which reminds me, my 4 year old asked me what costume I was making when he saw me working on the flowers… When I told him what I was making he responded that they looked like “Moana flowers”. Haha! Also, I love that he automatically thinks I’m making a costume now when he sees me working with fabric. 😂

Now only if we can stop getting snow, so I can direct some of my painting progress to the front door (and porch)…

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