Girls Room Update

Over the past few weeks we have been working on putting together the kids rooms a little bit more. My daughter’s room was a little difficult because we are at the age where a lot of things she likes now won’t be “cool” in another year or so (do kids even say cool anymore? Probably not if I do…)

Because of that, I didn’t want to do anything that I’d have to undo in the next year, or at the very least, that would be difficult to change. That was one reason we steered her away from painting the walls pink and ultimately she chose Sherwin Williams Waterscape. I told her we could add color in with curtains (I will get to hanging some…eventually) and a rug (I love how this rug ties into the room!) The next thing we did was eliminate the need for a dresser. In our previous house, we felt like they took up a ton of space in the room, served as a dumping ground for all sorts of tiny toys and papers, and were often overstuffed causing the drawers to be ever in need of repair.

You might think that I should have cleaned up before taking this photo but this was actually clean for that room (this was taken after we started moving things out!)

To avoid all that, we set up a closet organizer and got some fabric storage cubes from Target. The organizer is great because it isn’t permanent, it just clips onto the bar and then you can configure it however you need. We started with the layout below which gives some additional storage as well. It’s nice to know that we can always change it up if needed.

I love how nicely the rug works with the paint color in this room!

We also needed to get a new bed frame. The old one was just done when we moved out before construction so we found this on Amazon (what little girl doesn’t want a canopy bed?). Just to add some extra flair, and with enthusiastic approval from my daughter, we added some netting and twinkle lights.

I figured if she doesn’t like it in a year or two, it’s easy enough to remove the netting and make it a little less “little girl”.

Still left to do is hanging everything on the walls. I’m avoiding it a little bit because I’m still not ready to put holes in the freshly painted walls… Anyone else feel that way about newly painted walls?

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