Entry Organization

The entry/mudroom area of the house is an area that underwent a dramatic improvement. Previously, we had to use the front door, so we had a small entry area set up, next to the dining room table.

Not the most ideal set-up. Note the dining room table immediately to the left

That situation left something to be desired so we moved the laundry room upstairs (Best. Decision. Ever) and made the former utility room, which was really used to store the things we had no other place for, the mudroom.

All I can say about this is: yikes! What a mess…

We added a side door off the sidewalk, which is perfect because it’s directly across the sidewalk from the garage door (we have a detached garage) so when we finally clean out the garage and park in there it will be very convenient. The other door was already existing and leades to the patio in the backyard. I have big plans for this area but until we invest in a storage area for coats and backpacks (I really want something like this) we are using what we already have and it’s been pretty functional so far. It’s also really nice to have a bathroom in this location. Hard to believe it used to be a closet with the furnace and water heater (I’ve shared some photos on our Instagram account)!

I like the organization and having a place for muddy shoes (and an out of the way place to store things until they find a home!)

We did buy the rug at a local outlet store for about $30 and so far it’s been good for keeping the winter mud and snow confined to this area of the house. I also bought a console table from Target and so far I love it, but we are still rearranging things so it’s currently living in the dining room.

Hopefully soon I’ll be adding some personality (curtains and a mug rack where the area transitions to the kitchen!), but for now I’m really happy with how clean it is, and how much cleaner it keeps the rest of the house! Anyone else make changes to the way a space it used and have it totally change your life?

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