Kitchen Lighting Upgrade – What Took Us So Long?!

This week I’m sharing a quick and easy upgrade we made over the weekend that has a huge impact!

You might recall from my last kitchen post that eventually we plan to do a major redesign of our kitchen. And while we have done an initial facelift on the room (re-painting and installing a backsplash), we were left with some really dated lights.

Last week the hubs just looked at them and asked “Why do we still have these lights?!”.

Of course I already had our new lights selected, but figured we had to wait to install them since our future kitchen layout includes rotating the island 90 degrees (so it runs parallel to the kitchen sink). Plus, the pendants I wanted are much larger, so they would need to be spaced further apart. So I assumed we might as well wait for the new layout in order to plan the pendant placement correctly. Unfortunately, one thing I hadn’t considered was the increased height of the desired new lights, and how they wouldn’t work with our ceiling height. The hubs measured how close to the ceiling each light fixture would be if we went with my first choice:

Yikes! Thankfully, the exact pendant style comes in a smaller size, which does work with our ceiling height! We decided to order 3 of them (since our future island will be longer), but in the interim replace the 2 current pendants.

For the chandelier in front of the windows, we agreed the same light used for our entryway would make sense (those windows will be converted to french doors opening onto a deck in our future kitchen layout, with a coffee bar area on the wall where the kid art currently resides).

It only took the hubs about an hour to install all 3 lights.

Just look at the difference of the pendants side-by-side!

With a glass shade, the new pendant feels SO much visually lighter than the old one, even though it’s over twice the size!

Look at this pretty after picture:

To save you from scrolling, here’s the before again:

And a few more after pictures, because I am a little obsessed with them right now… Haha.

All weekend long I was actually startled when I walked into the kitchen – it’s almost shocking what a difference the new lighting makes!

The kitchen feels like the ceiling has been raised a foot, and in general feels much more spacious. It’s crazy what a difference it has made switching to lights with glass shades (and especially replacing the chandelier with a semi-flush mount). Speaking of that chandelier, my 6’4″ tall husband really appreciates not having it anymore, as he bumped his head on it more than once! Haha.

I also worked on painting the basement last weekend. With the floors in the main rooms finished, I was finally able to finish the remaining 2 bedrooms (which were holding all of the furniture displaced from the entire basement while I painted the main rooms). So I’m hoping next week I’ll have another space of the basement ready to share! In the meantime, I’ll continue to be giddy and smile every time I catch a glimpse of our new kitchen lights! ☺️

Anyone else ever swapped lighting out in a room and left shocked/pleasantly surprised by the enormous difference it makes?!

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