The Built-Ins Are Complete!

Have you ever gone so long with a house project left unfinished that the “almost final” result starts to grows on you? Well that’s where I was with our built-in project. Recall that we discovered we had termites last year, which kicked this project to the top of our list!

Then after months of dealing with prepping the fireplace for a gas insert, my husband allllmost finished the project – just in time for our son’s Toy Story birthday party.

I had grown accustomed to seeing the open shelves on the bottom, and the day-to-day looked a little something like this:

Well last week, my husband INSTALLED THE CABINET DOORS!!!!!! Woohoo!!! The most exciting part, is I’ll be able to lock up our board games to prevent pieces from being everywhere if the kids are left unsupervised for 5 minutes (ask me how I know)… It’s the little things, right? Haha.

Here’s a close-up of the finished doors:

We opted to use radiator screen instead of a solid center panel, to allow the TV components to breathe (and operate) with the doors closed. The hubs routed a channel into each doorframe (before assembling the four sides of each door) to allow the center panel to stay in place.

Here’s a picture of the inside after assembly. Can you see the clear retaining seal around the edges to hold the screen snuggly into place?

We also reused the original trim around the hearth; the hubs cut each side piece to fit around the built-ins.

Here’s a picture of the hearth from above:

That picture gives you an idea of how the live edge mantel looks in-person. It’s so pretty (I love the subtle curves)! Here’s a side view of it:

But back to the cabinet doors for a minute, I mentioned we can lock them to keep the kids out. We used these child locks, which work great!

You just use a magnet to unlock them:

Very easy to use! And the hubs appreciated that we didn’t need to put extra holes on the outside of his brand new doors. ☺️

Since this update has been a LONG time coming, here are a few more after pictures:

Here’s a close-up of the tile; it’s so shiny in-person and the color variation (from blue to brown to gray) is stunning. It definitely reminds me of seashells, hence the name Alato Beachwalk Chevron!

And I would be remiss if I didn’t share pictures from before we did anything. Here’s before we tore down the dining room wall or painted:

And when we tore down the wall…

And after we discovered termites and had the gas insert installed (and got most of our new couch!):

Don’t you love our classy TV stand that’s blocking half of a window?! It felt really upscale.

And a few pictures of construction since I covered most of the build a few weeks ago…

And today (the kids help themselves to turning on the fireplace, thanks to the handy remote, haha):

The only detail that’s hard to see is the shiplap behind the (ginormous) TV…

So happy to have this project wrapped up! Kudos to my awesome husband for turning his drawing (on the back of an envelope)…

…into reality:

It feels like it always should have been here! With this project finished and our new kitchen lights installed, this spring is off to a great start for us! Anyone else busy with house projects with this warmer weather becoming more consistent?!

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