Adding a Coffee Bar

One thing I’ve been wanting to add to our kitchen is a coffee bar. A couple of years ago, we picked up a Ninja coffee bar on clearance at Target (linked coffee system is a similar, updated version), and I have to say, it was well worth it. It’s awesome for making iced coffee, fancy lattes, and plain old coffee. I also like to use the french press on the weekend when I have time (it’s also good for making cold brew in the summer!). So you get the point, I love coffee, and a coffee bar will be well used at my house.

A previous layout of our renovation included the dining room where the living room currently is, and the nook that the TV is located would have been cabinets with a countertop/wet bar, which we planned to use partially as a coffee bar.

Since we opted to move the dining room to its current location and don’t have an open countertop area dedicated to this we created one between the kitchen and mudroom. We were previously using this portable island/cart we bought years ago from Ikea (it’s held up amazingly well considering) when we bought our first house to hold the microwave. Now it basically had no purpose but is in decent shape, although it needed some TLC, so we decided to repurpose it.

The cart in its previous life… I definitely don’t miss those floors!

The first thing we did was to sand and refinish the cart to get all of the pen and crayon drawings (pen!?) off that the kids so lovingly drew over the years. The first step was to sand it down with some high grit sandpaper, and after cleaning up the dust, we used some clear polyurethane to seal it up. After letting it dry overnight, it was was lightly sanded again to smooth out any bubbles or drip marks in the polyurethane.

Next up was to get some organization in my life. And to hang the mug rack that my awesome sister gave me for my recent birthday (thanks Nikki!). The mug rack was easy to hang, just a stud finder and four screws and it was done! I made sure to hang my favorite mugs.

After that I set up the coffee pot and some essential coffee/hot chocolate accessories and now I’m excited to start using it!

Anyone else procrastinate on a project that seemed involved but turned out to be easy? I wish I had done this one months ago….

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