Finishing the Downstairs Bath

It’s kind of interesting because this little bathroom turned out really well even though we never intended to have it where it is. The bathroom was originally where the living room is, on the other side of the house. During construction the contractor suggested we flip the bathroom and utility rooms, which would help with efficiency on the furnace and make running ductwork easier. The real reason is that he didn’t think anything through because he doesn’t pay attention to detail and was basically flying by the seat of his pants, when he decided to pay attention to our project (hence blowing theoriginal time line by 50%). Which is also why we have soffits in the living space (clearly I’m over it?!). Below is the originally planned layout:

Since we had to create a new new bathroom, I took the opportunity to add another shower (can you have too many with 5 people in a house?) and since it was also the bathroom guests would use, I wanted it to be pretty. After a belabored search, we settled on this tile for the floor this for the shower walls, and this tile for the shower floor. We also decided to go with Sherwin Williams watermarked for the walls (the entire downstairs is the same color because 1. it eliminated another decision and 2. it makes it cohesive since it’s so open).

Another hurdle was some HVAC ductwork going over the header and down the wall, which needed to be covered up (there’s that not thinking things through again). I stopped by the house one morning just in time to stop one of the contractor’s carpenters from finishing up building a giant, ugly box randomly floating in the middle of the ceiling, which apparently was the solution (really?). I asked if he could make an angled soffit across the wall because it would match the angle on the shower (it’s tucked under the stairs) and hopefully would make it look a little more intentional. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out (it ends a little short so the shower door has room to swing):

This is what it looked like shortly after we moved in (and after our plumbing problems were solved):

Since then, we hung this shelf we found at Target, and I changed out the hardware on the cabinet (we got it for a steal at Menards). I also picked up a cute soap dispenser and jars (this bathroom is lacking storage space for toiletries!). This is what it’s looking like now:

Now I just need something to hang on the walls, I’ve been looking but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for yet…

Anyone else hire a contractor they ended up being disappointed with? Am I the only one that has trouble committing to what to put on the walls? I’m starting to figure out this is a pattern, considering we haven’t hung anything except for the mug rack yet 😅

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