East Coast: Spring Tour 2019

It’s a bittersweet week over here; my oldest baby turns 8 years old! *Cue: all the heart eye and ugly face cry emojis*

So hard to believe… We’re having a little get together for his closest friends this weekend, so I spent some time last weekend working on a few party details. Next week I should be able to share the full birthday party recap! I’ll give you a guess as to the theme he picked: the main character’s catch phrase is “Tra la laa!!!!”. 😁

Anywho… in the meantime, I thought I would share a little spring tour of our first floor. We have so many pretty things blooming in our yard this time of year, so I like to bring some of it indoors to enjoy.

Here’s our living room as you walk in the front door:

You’ll notice I left the wreath up, but mainly out of laziness… haha!

Here’s a better view of our mantel:

I love the forsythia in my boots! ☺️

Here’s our desk, where I put a few daffodils. I really can’t get over how pretty the view is looking out the window:

And here’s the dining room (love those bunnies!):

More daffodils; and again, that VIEW!!

One day we plan to turn those 3 windows into a large bay window with a window seat… It’s one of the best views in the house, so it’s the perfect location for it. Plus, it’ll be enjoyed from the kitchen, too, after we redo it! My vision is to have something like this:

Via Driven by Decor.

Spoiler alert!: We actually just ordered some new windows! We got the bay window priced out, but it was too expensive to make it into this phase of window updates (which I should be able to share with you in late May!!).

Anyway, back to reality… Here’s a view back into the living room:

And here’s the kitchen:

You can see the greenery through the living room windows, even standing at the opposite end of the house! (And yes, if you’re wondering – Winston literally follows me around the house, haha!!)

My favorite room on this floor is probably our den…

Its come so far! I like to change the decor on this mantel more frequently than our living room mantel.

And again – love that view!!

Sorry, I know I sound like a broken record, but we’ve been in this house for almost 3 years, and I still can’t get over how pretty it is outside!

Does anyone else like to bring flowers or tree clippings in from outside for some free decor? Did I maybe overdo it with the amount of bunnies this spring? (Trick question: not possible!! 😉)

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