Changing the Landscape

One of my least favorite chores is yard work, but do I like how one day’s work can make such a dramatic difference. Our front yard was a mess after construction, and we have big plans on putting it back together. Unfortunately, spring weather in the midwest is still pretty cold/windy/snowy(?!), plus I feel like we are constantly carting kids from one activity to the next, so we haven’t had much chance to get out there and get work done.

Some tasks we have found time for are starting level the sandy mess left after the new water line was installed:

Left: Condition of the yard as the contractor left it, Right: yard after leveling/clean up

We also started deconstructing the giant planter in the middle of the yard. Seriously, I don’t know who wants a GIANT extra planter to weed, and it was about 3 feet tall. Plus leaves were always collecting against it and it was basically constructed on the property line. Not ideal.

The previous owner was serious about his gardening and it turned out he glued each and every block together so taking it apart was very slow going.

We also repurposed some of the blocks from planter we were able to get separated to plan out the new planter in front of the house. Here is what we are thinking:

This is just a dry fit, we still need to level it but it gave us a good idea of scale and how many blocks we needed to salvage.

The rest are in a pile by the road.

Hopefully someone takes them off our hands, but that’s pretty doubtful so I think we will be renting a dumpster in the future… I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing since we need to start working on the garage next.

Next up in the yard is to level out the dirt from the old planter (crazy how tall it was!), level the block for the new planter, get some topsoil, plant grass, plant shrubs/flowers, and build a deck. So, almost done?

Anyone else tackling a seemingly impossible project this spring? I’m looking forward to getting this one done and being able to enjoy the yard this summer.

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