Finishing up the yard

I had this week off while the kids were on break. I had all these plans for finishing up the boys’ rooms and sorting through all the stuff in the garage that is yet to be moved into the house (most of it needs to be donated). Since the weather was halfway decent, we took advantage of it and worked on the yard instead.Yard work is probably my least favorite chore and I would definitely not put gardening on my list of things I want to do. But the sooner we finish up the yard, the sooner I never have to think about it again, so we just pushed forward until we were (sort of) done. The first thing we tackled was the giant planter we disassembled.

Top right: view of the planter after the blocks were removed, left: redistributing the soil over the yard, Bottom right: view of former planter location, facing the house
Our neighbor ended up taking the blocks we didn’t want anymore, which is great. I definitely got rid of them so I could continue to look at them on my property line. Neighbors are the best. Especially ours, because they all seem to have the philosophy that my trash is actually treasure. Which is clearly why I throw things away. Because they are treasure and super valuable.Anyway.Next step was to move the couple of plants I wanted to keep to the new flower bed in front of the house. These included a few hostas, a hydrangea, and some daffodils I recently got. There are some other random bulbs around the yard I’ll probably move eventually. To prove what a great gardener I am, I realized a day after moving everything that I planted one of the hostas upside down. Oops. Oh well. They’re hearty, maybe it’ll be OK?After that we began the really fun part, leveling the entire yard. We did ok I think, we left a little slope near the road, to make sure water is directed there and not next to the house. Then we put down seed and some straw.Now we just need to cross our fingers and hope it grows. I will probably throw some mulch and maybe some decorative shrubs in the flower bed this weekend if the weather holds up. Later this spring we will level the blocks for the flower bed and we will build a small deck.For now, it is nice to think we can deal with that later and in the meantime we won’t be tracking mud into the house every time it rains…

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