Our Cozy Guest Room

You guys. I finally finished a room in the basement!! Well, I’ll probably tinker with things and maybe add a few more pictures eventually, but for now – the guest room is DONE!

The main thing this room needed was paint. First, I painted the walls the same color as our master bedroom (whale gray by Ben Moore). Then I painted the floors (I covered the process and paint colors here). Then I decorated! Here’s the same corner of the room for each step:

Here are some more pictures to show the difference between the green and gray wall color. I actually didn’t hate the green walls, and considered leaving them for a while. But eventually I decided painting would be the most thorough way to sanitize the walls (this basement was absolutely disgusting before we moved in)…

And here are the closet doors before/after painting the doors and trim (Snow White by valspar – we used this color throughout the house for doors and trim). And you’ll notice I got to reuse the comically large knobs I had intended for the dresser, on the closet!

Happy accident for sure… ☺️

The ceiling light was one of the first things we switched, so I really struggled to find a picture of the original. I finally found a picture from after we first moved; it’s not great but you can get the idea. I got the new light from Amazon. The pictures below definitely do a good job of showing how much better the painted floors look though!

Oh, and I can’t forget to show you the lovely before and after of the door. The broken door is a great illustration of why I felt compelled to paint in order to “sanitize” the room. Haha! We replaced the door and got the new knob from the same source as the other knobs throughout the house. (Again – note the painted floors!!!)

So those are the basics, but decorating the space has also evolved a lot over the past 2 years. Here’s where we started after I first painted:

I redid a dresser I got from staging our friends house. That was when I realized the pink rug wouldn’t work, and switched it with the gray rug from our playroom.

And then I finished decorating!

I got the curtains, bedding, table lamps, and night stands from HomeGoods (gradually, over the past 2 years). The bed frame is from Amazon, and the wall art is from IKEA. I’m obsessed with the art! It’s SO PRETTY in-person, that I had a hard time using it in here and not stealing it for over the bed in our master bedroom, hahaha!! Even the woman at the checkout in IKEA commented on how pretty they were and how she had to get them (they’re new items)! But the colors tie into the dresser beautifully, and our room already has a lot going on, so I resisted the urge… 😁

I got the table fan and wall-mounted moose hook from HomeGoods. The mirror is from Pottery Barn Kids (I was also tempted to save the mirror for our future master bath renovation, ha!). The clock (similar) and plant are from Target; and the plant basket, stand, and deer succulent holder (similar – actually cuter!) are all from Amazon.

The antler vase is from an Etsy shop (sadly, the shop page is no longer up)!

I also lined the dresser drawers with wrapping paper I got at (you guessed it…) HomeGoods. The inside of the drawers weren’t very welcoming for a guest to use, so I wanted to line them for a cleaner, more inviting surface..

Plus, they’re a fun, unexpected pop of color!

Here is a great tutorial for lining dresser drawers if you’re interested, but I took a less permanent approach. I scotch-taped each corner down after using an exact-o knife to cut each piece to size (I cut pieces slightly larger than each drawer, and scored the edges before cutting to size).

This room was the obvious choice as a guest room because of the large window. Plus, we have a flowering tree directly outside of it, and a flowering bush if you look left – so it has pretty views this time of year!

Here are a few more pictures of the space; I’m really loving how it turned out!

And I’ll leave you with one more before, during, and after (that shows off the shiny, painted floors again, because they took forever but were SO worth it!)…

I was thinking of printing off a little sign for our WiFi name and password. Can anyone think of anything else I might’ve forgotten for our guests? Oh, and here’s a link to the bathroom downstairs (just steps from this room)!

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