Back From Summer, with Black Windows!

Well hello there – long time no talk! While Dee & I weren’t originally planning to take the summer off, we decided after a few busy weeks in a row with family activities to go for it. If you follow our Instagram account you were notified by this post, and of when we were returning by this post! I’m one of those weirdo’s that loves the fall, so I’m kind of excited it’s finally September… 😁

Anywho, last time I gave you all an update on my house, I shared that we had some windows replaced in May. So without further adieu, here’s how that went down…

After having some estimates done by different companies, we decided to go with a local Andersen Windows affiliate (Renewal by Andersen). Among other things, we liked that the frames are made of a wood/fiberglass composite, instead of just plastic which can have warping issues. For any peeps local to Baltimore, Chris Richardson was our sales rep and he was fantastic!

But on to the fun stuff – color! I have known since moving into this house that I wanted black sashes when we upgrade the windows (both inside and outside). We have white siding and brick on our exterior, so I knew it would look good. I think it’ll look great if we ever decide to paint our brick OR change our siding color (both are options we’re mulling over). Plus, I’ve never seen a picture with black sashes on the interior that I didn’t like. ☺️

Since windows are stupid expensive and we have dozens of them, we decided to upgrade our windows in phases. We started with the windows you can see from the road, since the two in the roofline had rotting (original wood) frames, and one in our living room was broken.

This meant we replaced all four of our living room windows, the den picture window, both windows in H-dawg’s room, the kid bathroom window, and one of E’s bedroom windows (the other is facing the back of our house, and he doesn’t care 😜). The only window not visible from the street that was replaced is the broken living room window:

Here are some before pics after I prepped for installation day:

Notice the broken window was behind the desk, which is why we were able to live with it for a few years. Here’s a close-up:

Here’s the den before:

The worst was the kid bathroom window (note the crooked frame and visible rot – this window couldn’t be fully closed):

And H-dawg’s rotted window (note the stick holding the frame up on the left window, due to rot):

E’s room wasn’t bad before, but we replaced it so we wouldn’t have one awkward white window visible from the road:

We will absolutely go with this company again as we continue to upgrade our windows – they did a great job! First, they stop by to measure each window they’re replacing, then within a few weeks the windows are made. They replace everything – to include the window trim!

Here’s an in-progress picture to show caulking on the left window, and sealing seams on the right window before installation:

And here are those windows after trim is installed and caulked (you can see the left window getting caulked on the exterior):

They used tarps throughout the house to protect the floors, and cleaned each room (from window debris, etc.) as they finished.

I inspected every window to ensure they were caulked thoroughly (both the actual windows and trim). I was impressed with their quality control – I noticed very few gaps in the caulk (maybe 3 total?), and they happily fixed them. At the very end, the site lead had me open each window and test them out before he cleaned them all.

All I had to do after they left was paint the trim (it was already primed); and for the windows in the roofline (originally rotted windows), I also had to touch-up wall paint, since the new windowsill was about an inch lower than the original trim. The sales rep warned me this would happen, so I was pleasantly surprised it only happened on those two windows. It took a few hours to paint, but I actually preferred to do the painting for both color and quality control, haha. I painted it all within a day so I could hurry up and move furniture and curtains back into place ASAP!

Here are some lovely after pictures:

So good – right?!?!

Here’s an in-progress picture of the exterior:

Which reminds me, a nice side effect of this project was it motivated the hubs to power wash the house! Lol!!

Okay, more after pics – this time, with the curtains re-hung (although I almost hated to do so)!

E’s room is another great in-progress picture, since we opted to save his second window for the next round of updates:

And the exterior…


And after:

The whole house, before:


And now I’m REALLY itching to paint the front door! Hopefully I can squeeze it in this fall, once the humidity dies down… I’d also love to hang some shutters and flower boxes around the garage windows (wood tone?), demo the porch rails, and box out the porch columns. At the very least, I need to take down the lone pair of black shutters!

Maybe once I do all that we will finally be able to decide between painting the brick (leaning towards white), or changing the siding (leaning towards a greenish aqua)…

And as a reminder from my exterior lighting post, here’s where I’m hoping the roofline will be one day (although the hubs is not sold on changing the pitch of the porch):

So what do you think – green siding (with probably ultimately a black front door)? OR white brick (and a green-blue front door)?? Gah – decisions, decisions!!

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