DIY Moana Costume.

Is it really almost Halloween already?! Wow, that happened fast… I figured I should share the last Moana-themed costume this week, which is a costume of the princess herself (earlier this month I shared Maui and Tamatoa), and next week I can share part 2 of our Maine trip!

Once again, I took a lot of shortcuts with this costume; I really like the semi-homemade costumes. ☺️ For the top, I started with this white shirt. I also got some red fabric and white ribbon from JoAnn’s.

I laid the ribbon across the top until I was happy with the placement, then pinned it into place and starting using a black fabric marker to draw the patterns on the red fabric. Just like the Maui costume, I referenced pictures on Pinterest. I created a paper stencil to use for the starburst pattern. You can see I also used a receipt for my fancy ruler to get straight lines. 😄

After I was done drawing on the pattern, I stitched the ribbon into place. Then I cut the finished fabric, so I had a rectangle of fabric to attach to the front of the shirt, and one for the back of the shirt. I also hemmed along each seam, so the fabric wouldn’t unravel (at the bottom of the fabric I just used a reinforcing stitch where I cut a wave pattern out). I also didn’t interfere with the shirt seams when sewing on the fabric, which allowed the shirt to retain it’s original, stretchable shape (you can tell in the right-upper and lower pics below; the white shirt is somewhat visible on the sides).

For the skirt, I started with a pair of shorts we already owned as a reference point. The idea was that I would be safety-pinning her skirt on over leggings or shorts, so these were just used to help with sizing of the skirt.

You can see that there’s one layer of burlap for “grass” and two layers of white fabric. The white fabric has triangular cut-outs and a flower pattern, so I started by making the triangular patterns. First, I traced them in pencil (using a ruler for spacing), then I reinforced every triangle by stitching between each shape I had to cut out. This part was very tedious. And I learned by trial and error that it was important to give myself large spaces between each triangle cut-out, because the fabric I was using tended to fray easily.

I repeated the above process with both panels of white fabric. Then I reinforced the top seam of the burlap, and stitched several lines perpendicular to that top seam, in order to prevent it from fraying when I cut strips into the burlap fabric (to mimic grass).

I didn’t capture any in-progress pictures, but for the belt, I used the same red fabric and process to drawing the pattern on it as I did for the shirt (again – I hemmed the seams for clean lines and to prevent fraying). My last step was creating another paper stencil for the flower pattern on the skirt, and using a gold fabric marker to draw the patterns onto the skirt.

You can see from the bottom-left picture above, I actually attached the top white layer of her skirt by folding it over and stitching it on under the fold (you can see the pins holding it in place before I sewed it on). I never sewed on the belt; always just tied it on after the skirt was safety-pinned onto the pants beneath it.

One thing I’d like to emphasize is that my entire process was trial and error. I kept laying out the fabric layers and checking for scale based on what looked right (and again – would check my Pinterest inspiration picture if I got stuck). So I used my eye to figure out the scale of the patterns, etc.

Here’s the final costume:

I also found a stuffed Hei Hei on clearance at Target, and a Heart of Te Fiti necklace, so HAD to get those for her to complete the look! Side note: even though it would’ve been too much, I have to mention that she was afraid of the pig (Pua) for some reason, so there was no chance of adding him, haha!!

Oh, and this next picture reminds me that I let her wear a flower hair clip I had gotten in Hawaii years back (but here it is on Amazon)!

The best was when we met Moana in-person at Disney and they were twinsies… ☺️

I can’t even!! Also, wow – her hair has doubled in length since these pictures were taken last year!

This year the boys want to dress up as super heroes (Hulk and Spider-Man), and the baby girl is happy to match the theme as Wonder Woman. Since Costco has great, inexpensive versions of those costumes, I took this year off from costume making. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting to be creative and make them costumes, but especially with the trip to Maine we just took, it feels good to take this year off!

Happy Halloween (and costume-making if you’re in that boat this year)! 😁

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